Jeong Chan-heon bowed his head to Seongnam Magpies…Director Shin Kyung-sik “I saw ‘desperation’ in the preparation process”

Thank you to the manager and players of the independent baseball team who trained together with the FA contract and delivered dinner expenses
“A warm training process that is considerate of each other, good physical condition”

It was a new day from the morning air. It was the day when the FA (free agent) retention contract with Kiwoom was concluded and related details were officially announced. Jeong Chan-heon (33) visited Tancheon Baseball Stadium in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, where Seongnam Magpais, an independent baseball team, is training. There were 25 junior players who breathed together while continuing a lonely fight without a free agent contract. In addition, the coaching staff, including director Shin Gyeong-shik, was conducting training.

Jeong Chan-heon expressed his gratitude to the players with all his heart. He also secretly handed over the money for the dinner party, wanting to do something for the sweaty athletes with an unbending heart.

It was mid-February when the spring camps of 10 professional baseball teams were in full swing when Jung Chan-heon visited Seongnam Magpies manager Shin Gyeong-shik. Chan-heon Jeong called coach Shin, who had a teacher-teacher relationship during the LG days, as the road to training was closed as the future became uncertain as he was not signed as a free agent.

In response to Jeong Chan-heon’s voice, “I want to join the Magpies training ground and exercise,” Shin readily reached out his hand. Jung Chan-heon was able to join Magpais’ Gangneung field training that started at the end of February, and thanks to that, he was preparing for the season by setting up a systematic schedule. 메이저사이트

In a phone call with a reporter on the 27th, director Shin Gyeong-sik said, “Chan-heon worked out with a really desperate heart. He looked at the entire first half for a long time and showed his willingness to prepare with patience, but it is fortunate that the contract went well before the start of the season, and I am also very happy now.”

The reason Jeong Chan-heon visited Seongnam Magpais and thanked him was because he felt that coach Shin and the players were sincerely helping and cheering him on. Chanheon Jeong was able to increase his pitching pace by conducting schedules such as live pitching with Magpies players, which he could not do alone during training. It is also said that Shin adjusted some schedules naturally while reading Chan-heon Jeong’s training process.

Thanks to Jeong Chan-heon, who did not have a team, he climbed the mound twice. Since the opening of the Gyeonggi-do league on the 21st, he has pitched 3 innings and 1 inning respectively in actual matches. Director Shin said, “I could see that he carefully checked the parts to be tested one by one every time he threw a ball in both training and actual matches. Looking at the current pace, it seems that 80-90% of the body has been built, but I hope that the lacking part will be completed smoothly by joining Kiwoom.” He was also satisfied, saying, “While Chanheon was working out here, our players also had a lot to learn in many ways.”

In the 144-game long-term race, the game of ‘more and more’, in which the depth of the starters determines the team’s power, is repeated every season. The point at which the role of veteran starter Jeong Chan-heon shines will surely appear. Kiwoom also saw this and changed its direction from wait-and-see to investment.

The conditions for Jeong Chan-heon to stay in Kiwoom are 860 million won in total over the two-year contract period. It’s not the ‘FA jackpot’ that some players tasted last winter. However, Jeong Chan-heon has already become a ‘conglomerate of the mind’. It is said that he also decided to find additional support for the Magpies players he worked with through his agency, Brion Company.

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