‘Jamsil Big Boy’ returns with more patience and power

Will the potential of ‘Jamsil Big Boy’ Lee Jae-won (24, LG Twins) finally explode?

Lee Jae-won made a surprise return to the first team entry on the 6th. Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop predicted, “For the time being, I will only play as a pinch hitter, but from next weekend, I will be able to play defense and start as a starter.”

Lee Jae-won is one of the beast resources that LG has identified as the main hitter for the future. He formed the center batting line with Kang Baek-ho (KT Wiz) during Seoul High School, and showed his presence by recording 13 homers in 85 games last year. He initially planned to serve in the military after the 2022 season, but withdrew it. Director Yeom Kyung-yeop persuaded him. Coach Yeom wanted to help Lee Jae-won grow by appointing him as the main first baseman.

However, the start was slightly delayed. He suffered a left side injury in spring camp. However, he completed his rehabilitation treatment, and recently appeared in 5 Futures League games and hit 3 home runs, showing a healthy appearance.

Lee Jae-won, who met with reporters on the 7th, said, “I prepared hard for the 2023 season, but it took me quite a while to return because I was injured and my body didn’t follow my heart.”

Lee Jae-won is a rare pure power hitter in LG. LG boasts a strong hitting line, but most of them are specialized in contact and on-base. Only some veterans such as Kim Hyun-soo, Oh Ji-hwan, and Park Dong-won can expect more than 20 home runs. If Lee Jae-won adds strength, a complete batting line is literally built without any drawbacks. Lee Jae-won is the perfect fit for director Yeom’s ‘needs’, who recently said he wants a home run.

The reason why he has not fully blossomed despite his talent is because of the weakness he showed last year. Lee Jae-won, who cruised with a batting average of 0.315 until June 1 of last year, has since fallen to a batting average of 0.180. There were no first-team pitchers who could stick to power hitter Lee Jae-won. However, Lee Jae-won’s bat could not stand the bad ball and attacked, and it no longer showed the same power as before.

This year, we prepared firmly to reinforce that weakness. Lee Jae-won said, “I saw more than 700 balls a day using a batting machine in Icheon. When I first received the training schedule, I thought, ‘Would this be it?’, but now it has become a habit. It takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. I seem to see it,” he said.

LG batting coach Lee Ho-joon explained, “Last year, he jumped too much and raised the angle to hit a home run, showing weakness in the breaking ball. Since the camp, he has studied and practiced a lot on that part.” Regarding the 700-pitch training, he said, “It is the process of establishing one’s strike zone,” and “It is the process of choosing the ball to hit and the ball to endure and developing a pioneering plan. will also increase,” he said.

Lee Jae-won is a resource that LG needs to nurture, and this year is likely to be the turning point. Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “It is my job and my hitting coach Lee Ho-joon’s job to help Jae-won establish his own baseball without changing his batting form. Then next year, I can definitely grow.”

Coach Lee Ho-jun said, “Jae-won did not change his previous batting form this year.” Instead, angle adjustment is the key. He said, “Even when I was in Icheon, I received a report from the 1st team and even talked to the 2nd team coaches.” Explained.안전놀이터

Coach Lee said, “Jaewon now knows how to give spin to the ball.” “If you hit it up, the rotation is reversed, reducing the distance. I think it can be said that the things I have been doing since have been completely established now.”

As of the 8th, LG is leading the way in all hitting categories except for ‘home run’. He ranks first in both cumulative scores such as hits, doubles, triples (tied for first place), walks, and stolen bases, as well as percentages such as batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and OPS. He is in fifth place with just one home run. If Lee Jae-won, who has a ‘one shot’, explodes, he can even aim for the lead in all divisions.

Reporter Cha Seung-yoon chasy99@edaily.co.kr

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