It’s OK even if you just hit the gun. Yeomgalyang is ready to wait. What is ‘Jamsil Big Boy’? 

 LG Twins coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop is ready to wait. He deliberately places him in the bottom lineup, 7th batting order, and tries not to burden him by saying, “It’s okay to hit.”

This is the story of Lee Jae-won, the ‘Jamsil Big Boy’, a promising giant from LG. Lee Jae-won, who had undergone treatment and rehabilitation for a side injury in LG, recently appeared in 5 Futures League games, hitting 4 hits and 3 home runs, showing good condition. On the 6th, he was finally called up to the first team.

With Lee Jae-won in the first team, LG is now able to operate a full lineup.

Lee Jae-won’s role has been fixed since director Yeom took over. He has an exciting swing in the bottom line.

Director Yeom first thought of Lee Jae-won when he was appointed as LG coach. He thought he was a promising player who could grow like Byeong-ho Park (KT Wiz).

Manager Yeom’s solution was to make players feel free to play in the bottom line. In 2021 or last year, I saw that the reason why I fell into sluggishness after showing a surprise hit was because I couldn’t cope with the opponent’s manned ball, and my batting average fell, and as a result, I made a swing to hit it, not my own swing.

Even if the batting average is low, if you play in the lower batting line that can be understood, you can relieve the burden of batting average and rather hit a home run to win the love of the fans. It can buy you time to learn how to deal with attracts and gain confidence.

Whenever Manager Yeom talked about Lee Jae-won, he said, “It’s okay if you can’t hit it. You can just swing your own swing without any burden.” If you don’t be afraid of strikeouts and find ways to deal with manning pitches while swinging your own, you can improve and grow better than last year.안전놀이터

The problem is the player himself. No matter how good the club and manager are, the player himself can be stressed about his performance. He can strike out no matter how many times he strikes out, so even if he is told to swing, he will make a swing that strikes out more and his batting average drops. Because he wants to help the team.

If Lee Jae-won develops into a good hitter from the beginning, he would be perfect, but he could fall into a slump in the early or mid-game. At this time, Lee Jae-won’s mentality must be strong to overcome the difficulties. Lee Jae-won received a lot of attention from the club and fans from the time he became the second-team home run king. However, he is a promising player who has not yet succeeded in the first team. He has to start by admitting that there are bound to be more bad at-bats than good at-bats.

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