It’s a legend who signed a FA contract at the age of 42… Samsung’s last king, why should we go to the second-tier camp? “I heard you were thankful for your consideration.”

Why couldn’t Oh Seung-hwan (42, Samsung), the “final king” who signed a 2.2 billion won FA contract at the age of 42, make the first-team spring camp list.라바카지노주소

Samsung coach Park Jin-man left for Okinawa, Japan, where the spring camp will be held through Terminal 1 of Incheon International Airport on the 30th.

Samsung will have spring camp for 38 days from March 30 to March 7, and Futures will have spring camp for 27 days from March 31 to February 26 in Okinawa, Japan. A total of 135 players will join the camp, including 31 coaching staff including Park Jin-man and Chung Dae-hyun of Futures, 40 pitchers, seven catchers, 21 infielders, 11 outfielders and support staff. Twelve rookies, including pitcher Yuk Sun-yeop, who was selected in the first round in the rookie draft, will join the Futures camp.

Most noticeable are veteran Oh Seung-hwan, Baek Jung-hyun, Kim Dae-woo, Jang Pil-jun, Kim Heon-gon, and Kim Dong-yeop, who are experienced in the first team, not the first team. Among them, Oh Seung-hwan is Samsung’s living legend, who signed a two-year FA contract for a total of 2.2 billion won even at the age of 42 on the 16th.

“Veteran players have been with the team for a long time, so I thought it would be more effective to build up my body through personal routines rather than team training,” coach Park Jin-man said. “The coaching staff also made such suggestions. The veteran players will join the Futures Camp around mid to late after completing their training well.”

The following are questions and answers with coach Park Jin-man, who met before leaving Okinawa, Japan.

  • Kim Jae-yoon and Lim Chang-min have more bullpen options

It feels different from last year’s camp. Last year, I had the most bullpen concerns and had a lot to prepare. However, now this year, the general manager has reinforced the bullpen a lot, so I have to prepare a lot of plans. Several players have been reinforced, and although they were not good enough last year, the players had that experience. I believe it will have synergy effect. I feel a little lighter than last year.

Q: Other than Lim Chang-min, Kim Jae-yoon, and Oh Seung-hwan, we have more bullpen resources

More and more players played full-time last year. “I think it will have a great effect from experience.” Lee Seung-hyun (right-hander) and Lee Jae-ik have improved. There are a few injured players, but if those players join the team after completing their rehabilitation, they will likely become more solid.

-The advantage of Samsung’s camp is that the first and second teams are in one place

We have made such a system since last year. The Futures Stadium is close, so you can check out several players closely. It feels different to go and see in person. We have to make good use of those advantages again this time.

  • The intention to include Oh Seung-hwan in the Futures Camp is

They train various times at the beginning of the camp, and some veteran players, including Oh Seung-hwan, have been with the team for a long time, so they judged that it is more effective to build up their bodies through personal routines than through team training. The coaching staff also suggested such a suggestion. Veteran players might finish their training well at the Futures Camp and join around mid to late first half of the professional league camp. The Futures Camp will return to Korea at the end of February.

Q: Oh Seung Hwan’s exact timing to join the first team is

The Futures Camp is coming back to Korea at the end of February, so I think I will join before that. Since then, I have a practice game with a domestic club, so I think I should play one or two games and go back to Korea. I talked to the veterans and they said they were thankful that they cared a lot about the time.

  • The plan for the selection team is

When I went to camp last year, my biggest concern was the bullpen and the fifth starter. I had a lot of worries throughout the season. This year, there are still four to five players preparing, so you can do it through competition. Some players had a good experience in last year’s selection. I have some mental leeway.

  • What are your expectations for the new foreign hitter, David McKinnon

He is a key player on the fielder’s side. Pirella showed good performance last year, but he replaced it because he thought he lacked a lot in the infielders’ side strategically. According to the current evaluation, both first and third bases are available, but he will focus on third bases. Oh Jae-il was so sluggish last year, but he was desperately preparing in the spring. Several players at the beginning have to fill Lee Jae-hyun’s absence. The candidates include Ryu Ji-hyuk, Kim Young-woong and Kang Han-ul. We have to watch the competition. McKinnon at third base and Oh Jae-il at first base are the best. Then, the designated hitter category can be operated easily.

Q: What’s your outdoor plan

There is no Pirella in the outfield section, but Kim Sung-yoon, who played his last game last year, appeared. That’s why I was able to analyze the infield section and recruit foreign players. During the finishing training, I also saw Kim Jae-hyuk, who was discharged from the military service in Sangmu. “I feel much better. I saw Kim Jae-hyuk, who was discharged from the military service, when he was a coach. He certainly has better body and mind than that time, maybe after serving in the military. He laid the groundwork for competition in the outfield.

  • When Lee Jae-hyun returns from shoulder surgery

Rehabilitation workers will also join Okinawa Futures. It is said that rehabilitation is good if you do it in a warm place. Lee Jae-hyun is still young and is expected to recover quickly. However, his physical condition and playing baseball are different. We have to wait and see during rehabilitation training. It is difficult to prematurely say when he will join the team.

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