“Is this Kim Kwang Hyun data?” The SSG analysis team was surprised. Should I erase the handicap

SSG ace pitcher Kim Kwang-hyun started a practice game against the Rakuten Monkeys at the Jai Municipal Baseball Stadium on Tuesday, and threw 41 pitches over three innings to finish his last appearance at the training camp. He allowed one run after hitting two long balls in the third inning, but overall pitching was not bad. His conditions were improving smoothly.유흥알바

Kim Kwang-hyun’s maximum speed of fastball on the day reached 145 kilometers per hour. He cooked all three batters with poor batting in the first inning, and struck out all three batters in the second inning. Rakuten’s first-team batters played in the beginning of the game, and backup players who needed to experiment after the middle of the game came out. He tested both powerful fastballs and various breaking balls against Taiwanese first-team batters. Kim Kwang-hyun also made it more meaningful that “the opponent hit the long ball well and the sense of throwing was not bad,” rather than the speed or result after the game.

Originally scheduled to throw more than 50 pitches during the three innings, Kim finished his day after filling up the number of additional pitches in the bullpen due to fewer pitches than scheduled. An official from SSS’ management team was surprised to see the power analysis data. The speed and pitch of pitches were the same, but the “place to throw” changed. The official who checked the distribution of pitches said, “Is this Kim Kwang-hyun’s data? Was it the opposite pitch?” It was different from usual.

In the actual analysis paper, about 10 balls were embedded in the body against the left-handed batter. Kim Kwang-hyun smiled without saying anything after hearing this story. Perhaps the biggest harvest of the game was that this story came out. Kim Kwang-hyun admitted that he had some intention.

What changed more than usual in Kim’s location on the day was the left-handed batter’s body competition. More balls were penetrated deep into the left-handed batter’s body. Kim has not used to compete on the left-handed batter’s body. In the past, many left-handed batters used outer sliders, and they hesitated to compete on the left-handed batter’s body more due to trauma after being hit by a ball issue. This was especially true for higher players.

“You play with a handicap,” Kim’s colleagues say. As Kim does not compete on the body side, batters can cut the course in half and abandon one side boldly. It is said that batters who watch Kim Kwang-hyun can eat at least half of the ball even if they know the type of pitch or course, but this is one advantage that batters who watch Kim Kwang-hyun have. More batters have to deal with the outside ball as they enter the batter’s box. Kim Kwang-hyun also acknowledges this. He used to have to press with his pitches, but he is now in his late 30s. The pattern must change now.

Kim has been studying this pattern since the Florida camp. I thought a pattern change was necessary to push batters more aggressively. Of course, it wasn’t overnight. It was not easy to change the pitching pattern that he has kept throughout his life. The more I do that, the stronger I have to make up my mind.” And the results were trickling out in the actual game. Even if it was a ball, batters often threw a bat to a ball close to their eyes, and it was effective in inducing them to hit a missed ball or getting a foul even if they were not good at it.

Kim Kwang-hyun now has no regrets about his speed. He admits that it is difficult to continue pitching over 150 kilometers while continuing to throw 147-149 kilometers of ball as before. As a joke, the goal is 150 kilometers per day. Recognize the change and prepare for transformation. While attention is being paid to whether this transformation will be a future food for Kim Kwang-hyun this year, Kim Kwang-hyun is scheduled to start the exhibition game normally.

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