Is Lotte Ace Na Gyun-an, April MVP possible?

 Lotte Giants pitcher Na Gyun-an has established himself as the undisputed league ace.

On the 27th, Na Kyun-an started as a starting pitcher against Hanwha Sajik. Na Kyun-an faced the Hanwha batting line and gave up only 4 hits in 8 innings, striking out 7 with 1 walk and striking out 7 times.

Thanks to Na Kyun-an’s good pitching, Lotte won 6 consecutive victories. It is only 988 days since August 1-12, 2020 that Lotte recorded 6 consecutive wins.

With the victory, Na Kyun-an secured 4 wins and secured the top spot in a tie for most wins (4 wins for LG Plutco). The average ERA was also lowered from 1.75 to 1.34.

The winning pace is phenomenal. It took 62 games from 2021 to 2022 for Na Kyun-an to win four times before. However, he has posted 4 wins in just 5 games this year. If this trend continues, he will have 29 victories.안전놀이터

Above all, the ability to digest innings, which is a virtue of a starting pitcher, stands out. Na Kyun-an has made 4 quality starts and 3 quality starts+ in 5 games so far. He ate an average of 6.73 innings per game, ranking first in league innings (tied for second with Ko Young-pyo and Schulser, 6.67 innings)

. He is tied for 1st in wins, 1st in innings, 2nd in win contribution against substitutes (WAR), 4th in earned run average, and 5th in strikeouts, ranking at the top in most indicators.

The rivals are Kiwoom Heroes’ Ahn Woo-jin and NC Dinos’ Eric Peddy. An Woo-jin is behind Na Kyun-an in the most wins with 2 wins and 1 loss in 5 games, but boasts a stuff that strikes out 46 in 32 innings. WAR is also 1.93, the highest including pitching.

Pedi is also behind in most wins with 3 wins and 1 loss, but with an average ERA of 0.58, he is overwhelmingly in first place in the league (2nd place, An Woo-jin 0.84) . While there is virtually no possibility of Na Kyun-an’s appearance in April, the April MVP will be decided according to the pitching results.

On the other hand, if Na Kyun-an wins the MVP in April, it will be the first Lotte player to win the monthly MVP award since Han Dong-hee in April last year.

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