Is Jin Gap-yong or Lee Bum-ho-in? The manager’s time is approaching for KIA. … After the Lunar New Year holiday, the eye of the typhoon, there is not much time

It has been more than 10 days since the KIA Tigers set up a spring camp at Narrabunda Ball Park in Canberra, Australia. Saturday (Korea time) marks the fourth day of rest at the camp, following Saturday, Saturday and Sunday. The camp continued through the third round of its three-day training.

Most pitchers have pitched three times in the bullpen, and batters are improving their physical condition by compiling various manuals on batting, defense, and base running. Training ends in the morning and starts in the afternoon, including weight training, treatment, and personal training. This schedule is efficient.마카오카지노

Jin Gap-yong, the head coach, is leading the camp with joy. On the first day of rest on March 31, he asked captain Na Sung-bum to enjoy and cheer up. He meticulously checks each part of the training sessions, but he does not spare a single word of encouragement.

Coaches also have meetings at Nara Bunda Ball Park every morning. The meetings will be based on decisions made at a strategy seminar held at the end of last month by the coaching staff and the front desk, but coaches of each part will report training contents to head coach Jin Gap-yong and exchange opinions.

There is no problem even without a coach until the Canberra spring camp. However, things are different about the Okinawa spring camp, which focuses on actual games. The coach has to work with coaches and players in some areas. This is why a practice match against the KT Wiz on Saturday is highly likely to be an unofficial debut match, after a new coach is decided and joined the team before the Okinawa camp that will begin on Sunday.

In this way, there is not much time. In Canberra, there are still four to five rounds of 13-15 and 17-20. Interviews with the final candidates seem to be underway, and the sooner the parent company approves, the faster the new coach will join the team. The Lunar New Year holiday ends on the 12th. It will be easier to get approval from the parent company from the 13th.

At this point, there is a possibility that the new coach will join Canberra. It is ideal to complete the appointment of the coach this week, even in preparation for the Okinawa camp. In other words, Gwangju could be busier than Canberra.

Of course, captain Na Seong-beom said, “Even if the coach comes, we should do the same training.” Of course, players don’t talk much and just focus on individual training. However, the coach’s time is approaching. Here in Canberra, calm as if it were the eye of a typhoon.

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