Is it Lotte that violated Peach Clock 30 times in 2 games? 0 in 2nd team…

It was the same pilot operation, but the first and second teams were completely different. The first team had 96 violations over the past two days, but none of them had a single violation in the first two games in the Futures League.유흥알바

The core purpose of Peach Clock is to reduce unnecessary behavior by pitchers and batters, ultimately reducing game time. Major League Baseball implemented this last year and benefited from a reduction in game time by nearly 30 minutes.

Depending on the referee’s call, the time will be reduced by 18 seconds when there is no runner and 23 seconds when there is a runner. A pitcher must pitch within this time, a batter must complete preparation at bat before the 8th second, and a catcher must sit at the artillery position before the 9th second. If the catcher violates the rule, a ball will be declared for the defense and a strike will be declared for the batter.

Initially, KBO decided to decide when to officially introduce Peach Clock after pilot operation in the first half in the first group, and immediately introduced it in the second group.

However, there were voices of concern in the field during the exhibition game, and eventually, the executive committee decided to introduce the first team in the next season after only a trial run this season, and the second team decided to officially introduce it in the second half after a trial run in the first half.

In the first division, where the possibility of formal introduction of this season disappeared, a total of 96 peach clock violations were detected in nine games held during the opening two days, and warnings were given after the play. The number of violations varied greatly from game to game, but on average, there were 10.7 violations per game.

The team with the most violations was the Lotte Giants, who violated a total of 30 times with 14 on the first day and 16 on the second day on the 23rd. Pitchers violated 20, batters violated 9, and catchers violated 1. SSG Landers, the opposing team, had the second most violations. It recorded a total of 24 violations, including nine on the first day and 15 on the second day.

As such, it can be said that the two teams engaged in a fierce competition, but the duration of the game was also long. It took three hours and 24 minutes on Sunday, and three hours and 45 minutes on Sunday.

Hanwha Eagles ranked third with 13 and Doosan fourth with 10, while the rest of the teams committed fewer than 10 violations. In particular, KT Wiz’s pitchers, batters, and catchers proceeded quickly for two days without a single violation. That’s how well they prepared during the winter and spring camps.

In the Futures League, which opened on Sunday, no violations were made, perhaps because the team prepared to introduce the game immediately. Due to rain earlier in the day, three games were canceled: Mungyeong (KT-Sangmu), Icheon (Doosan-LG), and Seosan (SSG-Hanwha), and only two games were held: NC-Lotte in Sangdong and Samsung-KIA in Hampyeong.

In the match between NC and Lotte, there has never been a violation of the pitch clock. Lotte, which had the most violations at 30 times in two games in the first division, never made a violation in the second division. Despite allowing a whopping 17 hits, eight walks, and 11 runs, the team maintained the pitch clock. The same applies to hitters and catchers. The NC first division made eight violations in two games, but the second division did not make a single violation on the day.

In the case of the second team, it has been prepared to introduce it immediately, and although it is now a pilot operation, it is scheduled to be officially introduced from the second half, which seems to be a reason to keep the pitch clock well from the opening.

Meanwhile, in the case of the Samsung-KIA match in Hampyeong, it was not possible to play at the main stadium with pitch clock equipment due to rain, and it was held at the auxiliary stadium next to it, so pitch clock could not be applied.

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