Irving, “I always erase” when pointed out to delete the ‘apology’ for anti-Semitism

Kyrie Irving (Dallas Mavericks) started erasing his memories of the Brooklyn Nets.

When Irving was traded to Dallas, he deleted his apology for linking to anti-Semitic propaganda.

Irving posted on his Instagram on November 4 last year, ” I take full responsibility for my actions in cutting out an untrue anti-Semitic documentary while studying Yahweh. I sincerely apologize to all Jewish families and communities hurt by my writings. It was not my intention to downplay the Jewish history of the Holocaust.” 메이저사이트

Prior to this, he posted a link promoting a malicious anti-Semitic film on his Twitter, which caused a strong backlash from the Jewish community, but he did not apologize.

As a result, when Brooklyn issued a travel ban, he urgently posted his apology.

When asked why he deleted the apology, Irving said, “I delete posts all the time. It’s not disrespectful to anyone in the community.”

However, Irving did not delete the posts that came before his apology. He seems to have deleted it to erase his memory in Brooklyn.

Meanwhile, Irving said of Kevin Durant, “We worked together in Brooklyn to try and do a good job with young players, but it just didn’t work out.”

Durant, who took Irving’s side whenever Irving caused controversy, was stabbed in the back by Irving again.

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