Incheon coach Cho Seong-hwan “The King of Survival is NO!… 3rd place in the league + passed the ACL group stage”

 Incheon United advances toward a higher place.

On the 14th, the Korea Professional Football Federation held the 7th media camp for the 2023 K-League winter field training at the Changwon International Hotel located in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do. Incheon United participated, and a press conference was held by manager Cho Seong-hwan from 7:00 pm.

Incheon had the best year last season. Under the direction of coach Cho Seong-hwan, the team continued their unstoppable rise by uniting tightly. As a result, they finished 4th in the K-League 1 and vomited the spirit of winning the right to advance to the AFC Champions League. It was the happiest ending for Incheon fans.

Coach Seong-hwan Cho celebrated his 3rd season with a full season this year. He took over in the middle of the 2020 season and rescued the team from the relegation crisis with “Seonghwan Magic” and won the title of King of Survival by finishing 8th in the 2021 season and 4th in the 2022 season. This season, we want to go beyond that. We aimed for 3rd place in the league and pass the ACL group stage.

Coach Cho Seong-hwan said, “I don’t think the word ‘survival king’ can be a modifier for us anymore.” “First of all, we are aiming to pass the ACL group stage. I think we can create a situation where we can even surpass 3rd place in the league.” told

Q. Impressions

“First of all, I had time to prepare and finish the season through the off-season training in Jeju. In the second off-campus training in Thailand, I worked hard to improve my basic physical strength and sense of the game. In the third off-season in Changwon, the league opening and tactics were held through practice games. I’m preparing the side. I’m thoroughly preparing to perform as well as the fans expect. I’ll do my best this season to give you joy, emotion, and happiness.”

Q. Satisfaction with player recruitment

“We have recruited good players for the necessary positions through communication with the power reinforcement room. If it becomes possible, we will be able to reinforce it. We are making various preparations under the assumption that there will be no situation.”

Q. Number 9 vacancy

“I don’t designate the number. Players autonomously choose the number they want. I didn’t pick the number 9 anyway.”

Q. Many Incheon players attended the media camp (media request)

“Previously, I felt like I was being neglected when I went to Media Day. This proves that Incheon is developing and has many good players. There are a lot of players.”

Q. Parallel ACL and winter training

“Nothing has changed in winter training. If you go all-in early in the league and rise, you can achieve good results in the ACL.”

Q. Feeling of pressure

“I feel very alive. At this time of year, there was pressure on grades and results. However, knowing how happy and delighted the fans are with the results I made with the players last year, it is not just a one-time event, but more fun than last year. want to give.”

Q. This year’s goal

“I have to set a higher goal than last year. Last year, I achieved a higher goal than I thought. I believe in the players and recruited good players, so if we join forces, we will be able to achieve better results and results than last year. I will be able to do it. I want to live up to the expectations of the fans.”

(Team scoring goal) “If you look at the data of the past few seasons, the top-tier or champion teams are scoring more than 70 points, and conceding 38 goals before. The goal remains the same as last year. Last year, Mugosa scored 14 goals and left. Although there were concerns, they were recruited to clearly solve this season. Shin Jin-ho has 14 attack points and Gerso has 15 points, so they are composed of players who can score points for each position. There was a season where I scored 5 points with . If we get together and sign, we can score 60 points or more.”

Q. Shin Jin-ho-Lee Myung-joo combination

“(Player Shin Jin-ho) is showing unchanging form and performance here as well, befitting his reputation last year. Because he had time with Lee Myung-joo, he has an advantage in terms of breathing. Those parts worked well. What we regretted last year is In terms of market share, I wanted to take it a little higher, but I couldn’t take it much. This season, I need to bring results, but I also want to upgrade the content side. That kind of combination was created.” 카지노

Q. ACL goals

“There has been no K-League team that has been eliminated from the ACL playoffs. We must not overlook that. First of all, we have to go all-in for the playoffs. After winning, we will go through the group stage and catch them one by one. First, We are aiming to pass the group stage.”

Q. K-League 1 Ranking Objective Evaluation

“Assuming that there are no injuries and a clear sense of purpose leads to passion, I think we can create a situation where we can surpass even 3rd place.”

Q. A player who needs to do well for the goal

“Incheon is not a team that depends on anyone. After Mugosa left last year, Hernandez came out. After Hernandez was injured, Kim Bo-seop and U-22 players came out. “I can’t rely on just one person because we have to make it together. Still, it would be nice if players Myung-joo Lee and Jin-ho Shin, who can help, do their part.”

Q. Naming Incheon’s new nickname (existing King of Survival)

“I don’t think the word ‘king of survival’ can be our modifier anymore. Since Incheon Airport is close, I want to create a team that can always go out of the ACL.”

Q. Unusual pledge

“All that remains is to fulfill last year’s promise. Since you said you will provide airline tickets so that you can use your passport and carrier, I would like to consult with the club and invite the fans to have a good time and memories.”

Q. Utilization of Mpoku

“I am positive. I had a positive mindset that I would do it even if I had a goalkeeper. I still like the three positions. “

Q. What do you focus on?

“I delivered five play styles to the squad. I ordered a style that is unique to Incheon, such as a quick style of switching between offense and defense, avoiding unnecessary back passes, timing to take a numerical advantage, and not giving up. When talking about goals this season, League 3 I want 10,000 spectators more than the above and ACL. I think fan service that can create such an atmosphere is important. I hope many spectators come. If you support me, I will repay you with more performance and results.”

Q. Si Do-min, pride of being ahead of the club

“The trinity determines the rise and fall of the club. The representative has been reappointed and started this season based on faith and trust, which was a great help to us. Good for other clubs. It is the role of our club to be seen as an example.”

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