In Busan, an SSG legend home run was captured by a KIA fan…”It’s like a dream, but KIA won the championship!”

The hero of history is the legend of SSG Landers. In addition, the stage is Busan. However, it was KIA Tigers fan who caught them. If coincidences overlap this much, it is fate.

Choi Jung (37) of the SSG made a new history in the KBO League at a match against the Lotte Giants in Busan on Sunday. He recorded his 468th career home run and rewritten Doosan Bears manager Lee Seung-yeop’s record of 467 home runs as a player.메이저놀이터

Then, it was not the SSG fan who set the record. Then, was it the Lotte fan who visited the Sajik Baseball Stadium? No, it was not. The one who picked up the most memorable home run ball in Korean baseball history was Kang Seong-gu, an employee of Kia’s fan company born in 1986.

It was literally the result of a coincidence. Kang had been living in Busan since November last year. That was also on a business trip. He liked baseball, though. However, he did not go there to find a cheering team game or to pick up a home run ball.

Kang said he searched it when his senior asked, “Is there a Lotte game at his resignation?” and only then did he know that there was a Lotte-SSG game. He also said he knew then that Choi Jeong’s challenge for most home runs was held at his resignation.

It was an event that they would naturally be greedy once they found out. In order to secure the 468th home run ball, the SSG team prepared a two-year live zone season ticket at Incheon SSG Landers Field, best handwritten autographed bat and signed ball, spring camp tour ticket, mart gift certificate, one-year free coffee brand gift certificate, hotel gift certificate and online mall gift certificate worth 15 million won as exchange condition. Kang said that the one-year coffee gift certificate was one of them.

I was confident that I would grab one if I had a chance. He was a longtime baseball fan who went to the Mudeung Baseball Stadium since he was a child, and enjoyed baseball in person. He introduced himself as a manager and player of the Young Rock Eternals, a social baseball team. In addition, he was in the left field, not an infield or catcher. Home runs were also fly balls from the outfield seats, and it was worth trying for Kang if he had a glove. Kang settled down after examining the direction and course of the previous home run at Choi Jeong-ui’s Sajik Baseball Stadium. And as Kang expected, Choi Jeong hit the home run to the spot. Kang also hit the home run without making any “blind mistakes.”

“I was sick for a moment, but I was so happy that I didn’t even know it hurt. I thought I wouldn’t be able to catch it because it flew low, but I caught it all at once. It is like a dream.” It could have hurt even with a glove. Just by looking at it, it was like a fly ball but it was a home run with a batting speed of 153.3 kilometers/h. But I managed to catch it, which is a lifelong memory and source of pride.

Kang said, “I didn’t have any particularly good dreams. However, I think I returned lucky because I picked up trash as well as Shohei Ohtani did.”

Choi Jung has gained a special relationship with Choi Jung, but his fan sentiment does not change. Choi Jung played in the match against KIA on the 17th and was hit by Will Crowe (KIA). There were concerns that the achievement of the new record would be delayed due to suspected incontinence, but Choi Jung moved to happening as he played soon without any major injuries. In the process, Crowe was criticized by fans through social media.

Kang was a true fan of KIA. He did not miss the issue either. “As a KIA fan, Choi Jeong felt sorry for being hit by a dune last week against KIA. Congratulations on reaching a new home run record,” he said.

The celebration was over, and he didn’t forget to cheer for KIA like a fan. Kang shouted, “This year’s victory is KIA Tigers,” and laughed, “I hope our Kim Do-young uses Choi Jeong as a role model and gives a big home run (like Choi Jeong).” Kim Do-young is also competing with Choi Jeong for the home run king and Golden Glove this season as a third baseman. If Kang’s origin comes true, he may once again go out to the outfield to catch Kim Do-young’s home run ball in the distant future.

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