“I’m responsible for poor performance” coach Gattuso voluntarily resigns from 14th place Valencia

The 6th coaching change of the season took place in La Liga, Spain. Valencia head coach Gennaro Gattuso took responsibility for poor performance and terminated his contract with the club.

Valencia lost to Real Valladolid in an away league match on January 29 (Korean time). Immediately after this match, Valencia, who fell to 14th place, came close to the relegation zone by one point, and coach Gattuso decided to resign voluntarily. After the game, coach Gattuso implied a breakup, saying, “Obviously, this is my responsibility.”

Spanish media reported that coach Gattuso felt frustrated with the club’s passive attitude in the transfer market. Afterwards, coach Gattuso is known to have expressed his gratitude through a meeting with the top management. 스포츠토토

Gattuso started his coaching career in 2013. After that, he took charge of Valencia in 2022 after going through Palermo, Pisa, AC Milan and Napoli. However, he was forced to leave the team after just over six months in charge of Valencia. His win rate at Valencia is 31.8%.

Valencia plans to temporarily take over the helm to ‘Boro’ coach (Salvador Gonzalez Marco), who has served as the club’s acting manager six times.

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