“If you play a seesaw game, you can win” SK coach Jeon Hee-cheol’s reasoned confidence

Prior to the start of the first leg of the ‘2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball’ championship match (best-of-7) against Anyang KGC held on the 25th, Seoul SK coach Jeon Hee-cheol (50) said, “If the seesaw game unfolds, we can win.” I was confident As he said, SK won the victory in the seesaw game.

In fact, many predicted that KGC would have the upper hand in this championship match. After KGC took first place in the regular league, it advanced to the championship after only playing four games in the semifinal playoffs (PO, best of 5 matches). None of the key players have left due to injury. On the other hand, SK started PO from the 6th round and played 6 games before the championship match. Choi Jun-yong, a key member and MVP of the regular league last season, failed to recover from an injury and was unable to participate in the championship game. Available resources are also less than KGC. Considering these points, many experts predicted KGC’s absolute advantage.

However, SK broke everyone’s expectations and took the first game. As coach Jeon said, SK played a seesaw game until the middle of the 4th quarter. With a two-point lead in the middle of the fourth quarter, the one-two punch Kim Seon-hyung and Jamil Warney broke KGC’s relentless pursuit and took the first game 77-69. He showed a strong back-and-forth and ran for 7 consecutive victories in ‘Spring Basketball’.바카라사이트

From the 5th round of the regular league, SK is showing a particularly strong appearance in the game, such as frequent come-from-behind wins. As soon as they enter the match, the concentration and performance of the players are markedly different from before. This is also evidenced by the records.

Looking at the process of SK winning 7 consecutive victories from the PO of the 6th round, the field goal success rate of SK players in the 4th quarter of each game is excellent. Heo Il-young ranks first in the 4th quarter field goal success rate with 61.9%. Heo Il-young’s 3-point shot success rate in the 4th quarter reached 70%. The starting pitchers such as Warney, Kim Seon-hyeong, and Choi Seong-won record a field goal success rate of 50%. Among the key players, the person with the lowest 4th quarter shot success rate is Choi Boo-gyeong, and that is also not bad at 47.1%. SK unleashes the attack centered on Kim Seon-hyung and Warney, but it is evident that other players who received their passes are also contributing to the team’s winning streak by increasing the field goal success rate with high concentration.

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