If the director takes the picture…I’m going to take a picture of Seungri?

On the 31st of last month, SSG won 4-2 against Kiwoom in Gocheok.

Oh Won-seok (photo), the starting pitcher, showed off his outstanding pitching. Oh blocked Kiwoom’s batters by allowing three hits, one homer, one walk and eight strikeouts and two runs in six innings. The number of strikeouts with eight strikeouts is the highest in this season.룸알바

Coach Lee suggested a walk when pitcher Oh Won-seok finished training ahead of the game against LG at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 30th of last month.

The walking course was outfield walking. Lee talked with Oh while walking in the outfield alone.

The coach himself kicked the ball. Oh gave 30 runs in 55.1 innings and a 4.88 ERA in 12 games before the Kiwoom game.

Notably, the team fell into a slump in May. It had only one quality start in five games before the Kiwoom game. For SSG, Oh had to revive.

The first question I asked was, “Are you really the starting pitcher?” It was a question that could make a player’s heart race drop. “I lack a lot of things as a starting pitcher,” Oh replied. So Lee said, “I have to prove that I am lacking,” and added, “Many people have expectations for you.”

Many conversations were exchanged starting with questions and answers. “I said this because I saw him prepare. So I told him to trust himself a little bit,” Lee said.

Oh Won-seok left for Okinawa, Japan, for personal training with Kim Kwang-hyun in January. It was a “mini camp” set up by Kim Kwang-hyun. In addition to Oh Won-seok, Lee Yoon, Shin Heon-min, Big Seung-gun, and Lee Ki-soon were also present.

Talking about Kim Kwang-hyun, Lee said, “Didn’t Kim Kwang-hyun go all the way to Japan with you after seeing your potential? That’s how seniors and clubs treat you because they have something you have. You have to trust them and throw them.” Oh also replied to the coach’s sincere advice, saying, “It touches my heart.”

As a coach who has to work with the entire team, it is not easy to approach and communicate with a single player. Lee also had long thoughts before proposing a walk. “I approach more cautiously because my style is not soft,” he said. Rather than trying to get close to the players, I often wonder what is the best way to make them play comfortably. I have a lot of young friends.”

He also mentioned candidates for the next walk. “I should talk to (Song) Young-jin next time,” Lee said with a smile. Song Young-jin, who joined the starting lineup from May this season after joining the team in 2023, has not performed very well with one win and two losses and an 8.36 ERA in four games in May.

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