“I will come back stronger with a different look” Kim Tae-hoon was not satisfied with the win

“There aren’t many days left for (Moon) Jung-hyun and (Park) Mubin to be on the team, and after that, we have to show off a different and stronger KU.”

KU sophomore Tae-hoon Kim (190 cm, F) finished with 21 points, seven rebounds and three assists in 32 minutes and 11 seconds of action in the KU 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League home game against Konkuk University at KU’s Hwajung Gymnasium on Friday. KU won 91-64 to clinch the regular season title.

KU clinched the title regardless of the remaining games when Yonsei fell to Dankook on Nov. 13, but Kim didn’t let his guard down afterward. He scored a team-high 13 points in the first half to lead KU’s offense to victory.

After the game, Kim Tae-hoon said, “We actually wanted to win the championship at home. We were resting in the dormitory and it happened. The players were a little bit steamed up, but our public goal is to win the whole series. I told the team not to let their guard down and to work harder until the end.”

Kim’s growth this season has been most noticeable at KU. He is averaging 8.6 points and 3.6 rebounds, surpassing his 4.7 points from last season. Coach Joo Hee-jung said, “Personally, I think (Kim) Tae-hoon has the best mindset among the players. He’s also doing his part in terms of combativeness and defense,” she said.

In response, Kim Tae-hoon said, “My parents both played sports, so I think I grew up with a good mindset naturally. I think I’m still not good enough, but I’m glad that the coach looks at me well.”

Kim Tae-hoon continued, “I think the biggest reason for my recognition is my defense. Of course, I also received advice that I shouldn’t be a player who only plays defense. So I’m working on various aspects, and confidence also played a role.”안전놀이터

KU has been on a roll, winning 13 games in a row and heading for the outright title. What is the driving force behind their success?

“We lost the title last season. This season, I have a bigger desire to do it. We’ve improved in both offense and defense, and I think we’ve upgraded as a whole.”

With the title secured, Korea University will now prepare for the playoffs and the MBC Bae in July. “There aren’t many days left for (Moon) Jung-hyun and (Park) Mubin to be on the team, so we have to show off a different and stronger KU after that. I’m working hard, and so are the other players. We’ll work hard together,” he said.

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