“I stole your team’s catcher”… A new hostess appeared, foreign aces were excited

 Lotte Giants pitchers are all looking forward to it. This expectation continued from the time of recruitment. In particular, foreign pitchers were more than welcome to have a new hostess, Yoo Kang-nam (31). 

Lotte Giants foreign pitcher Dan Strayley (35) did not hide his joy when the club signed a 4-year, 8 billion won free agency contract with Yoo Kang-nam.

I’m not trying to disparage the existing catchers, but even in the league as a whole, the depth of the catchers was very disappointing. However, this year, the league’s top catcher, who can further maximize his performance, has joined. Strayley laughed, saying, “I texted the interpreter that the club had recruited Yoo Kang-nam. And I texted LG’s Casey Kelly, saying, ‘Your team catcher has been stolen'”.  카지노

Kelly is also close to Strayley, and has continued to form a battery with Yoo Kang-nam at LG. Kelly and Kang-Nam Yoo were soul mates. He stole his soul mate. That’s how Kang Nam Yoo’s joining made Strayley excited. 

For what reason did the recruitment of Kangnam Yoo make Strayley happy? He said, “I knew what kind of ability Kang-Nam Yoo had and what he could do from afar for three years.” It’s so good because I know what kind of baseball Yoo Kang-nam is playing.”

He also emphasized that the presence of Yoo Kang-nam will improve the team’s young pitchers and the pitching staff as a whole. “I think that not only young pitchers but also veteran pitchers will be able to achieve better results with Yoo Kang-nam’s presence,” he said.

On the 2nd, he made his first bullpen pitching and worked with Yoo Kang-nam. Regarding the feeling of the first bullpen pitching, he said, “At first it felt like saying hello. Then, Kang-nam Yoo said, ‘I don’t know why I get hits while throwing such a good ball.’ I think I can get good grades if I give in. I think it was a good start with Yoo Kang-nam.” 

Another foreign pitcher, Charlie Barnes (28), also smiled at the signing of Yoo Kang-nam. After hearing the story, I thought it was really good,” he said.

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