“I recruited Lee Jung-hoo, why would I even Bellinger…” SF’s gaze is elsewhere, Cy Young-sang’s pitcher is watching

The San Francisco Giants, which recruited Lee Jung-hoo (25), is no longer in the outfield. It is also linked to Cody Bellinger (28), the biggest player in the FA batter’s box, but has been pushed out of the list of priority players.라바카지노

The U.S. “New York Post” reported on the trends of seven big market clubs seeking further reinforcement in the FA market on the 26th (Korean time). It covered the atmosphere of San Francisco, where Lee Jung-hoo belongs, as well as the Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays, and Los Angeles Angels.

Regarding San Francisco, the New York Post said, “Given that he belatedly jumped into the race to recruit Reece Hoskins (the Milwaukee Brewers agreement), he seems to be still searching for a batter. Matt Chapman explained that he started his career when Bob Melvin, the new head coach of the team, led the Oakland Athletics.” Chapman, who has 155 homers in seven seasons, is a third baseman who won the Gold Glove Award four times.

The New York Post also reported that San Francisco Giants, which is also linked to Bellinger but signed a $113 million contract with Lee Jung-hoo, may have reduced the need for Lee Jung-hoo, adding that although the team does not need a starting pitcher that much, it has checked top-class starters Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery. They are keeping an eye on the remaining FA pitchers Choi Dae-er Snell and Montgomery.

San Francisco, which invested a whopping 111 million U.S. dollars for Lee Jung-hoo for six years, has selected him as its main center fielder. He can play first base, but there is no need to make duplicate investments in Bellinger, whose value increases when he plays center fielder. Of course, it would be nice if Bellinger comes in to reinforce the batting lineup, but he is a type of player who poses a high risk to invest more than 200 million dollars in a long term.

Rather, reinforcing the mound at Oracle Park, a pitcher-friendly home stadium, could be a way to maximize power. The trade on the 6th brought in Robbie Ray, the winner of the 2021 American League Cy Young Award, but he is expected to return to the second half of the year as he is rehabilitating after Tommy John surgery. Jordan Hicks, who was hired as a free agent for a four-year, 44 million dollars on the 19th, spent most of his career in the bullpen and has no full-time experience as a starter.

Another key starter, Alex Cobb, could be deployed in June due to hip injury. The team lacks strong starters who can form a one-two punch along with its ace Logan Webb until the middle of the season. Ross Stripling and Keaton Win are close to fourth or fifth starters. Kyle Harrison, a promising left-hander, also needs to go through the verification process in the Major League. The issue is ransom, but if one of the two left-handers is brought in, San Francisco’s woes could be solved.

Snell, the winner of last year’s National League Cy Young Award, received an offer worth 100 million dollars from the Yankees, but negotiations broke down due to differences in terms of conditions. Snell is based on at least 240 million dollars. The Yankees acquired right-hander Marcus Stroman for a two-year, 37 million dollars as an alternative. The Yankees are out, but the Angels are keeping an eye on Snell. The New York Post said the Angels could consider a combination of Snell and Bellinger to fill the gap between Shohei Ohtani (LA Dodgers) in Tuta.

Montgomery is seeking a reunion with her original team Texas. Montgomery also wants to return to Texas, but it is difficult to make large investments due to the bankruptcy of Diamond Sports, the operator of Valley Sports, which had the right to broadcast local TV.

Both Snell and Montgomery are taking a long time to decide on their future course of action. Both players are also customers of “super agent” Scott Boras. Attention is focusing on whether San Francisco, which has gained breathing room for the fielders by recruiting Lee Jung-hoo, will make a big FA shot by recruiting Snell or Montgomery.

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