I heard you won everything. Your favorite Giants”…The first “Win, Win, Win” of the Giants season

The “Korea-U.S.-Japan Giants Alliance” rang its victory side by side on the same day for the first time this year.

Lotte Giants came from behind to beat the Samsung Lions 8-7 in an away game in Daegu, a professional baseball league, on the 3rd.스포츠토토

Prior to this, the San Francisco Giants (USA) defeated the Boston Red Sox 3-1, and the Yomiuri Giants (Japan) defeated the Hanshin Tigers 8-5.

At the same time, the three teams recorded a joint victory two days after their first joint defeat this year.

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San Francisco Giants No. 1 hitter Lee Jung-hoo. Photo Source: San Francisco Club Social Media
As of the day when all three Giants teams played this year, there have been nine days when the two teams have won.

However, Lotte failed to complete the “win-win” as it lost four times, San Francisco lost three times, and Yomiuri lost two times.

Lotte struggled the most until the Giants Alliance won its first joint victory this year.

Lotte has won 10 games (one draw and 22 losses) this season, the lowest among the 10 Korean professional baseball teams.

San Francisco ranks third in the U.S. Major League Baseball’s National League West with 15 wins (17 losses), and Yomiuri ranks second in the Japanese Central League with 13 wins (three draws and 13 losses).

Lotte Jung Hoon, who hit a come-from-behind two-run home run in the Daegu game on the 3rd. Courtesy of Lotte
It was Jung Hoon (37)’s home run that completed the first win of the season for the Korea-U.S.-Japan Giants.

Jung Hoon entered the batter’s box with two outs and a third base in the top of the ninth inning, when the game was tied at 6-6, and hit a slider thrown by Samsung’s fifth pitcher Kim Jae-yoon (34) to lead it to a two-run home run over the left fence.

Samsung also chased to 8-7 with Kim Young-woong (21)’s one-run home run in the bottom of the ninth inning, but failed to take advantage of the opportunity to hit the first and second bases with two outs and gave up the game.

Samsung took a 5-0 lead with one point in the bottom of the first inning and four points in the bottom of the second inning, but eventually suffered a come-from-behind defeat.

It is the first time in 15 games this season that Samsung lost even after scoring first.

KIA Catchers Kim Tae-gun (left) and Hanwha Moon Hyun-bin. Courtesy of Hanwha
KIA, which uses the name Tigers like Hanshin who lost to the Yomiuri Giants, lost to Hanwha 2-4 in the home game in Gwangju.

However, the Detroit Tigers did not have a game that day, so the alliance of the Korea-U.S.-Japan Tigers did not lose all.

So far, all three Tigers teams have only lost once on the 7th of last month.

With the victory, Hanwha manager Choi Won-ho filled the manager’s 100 wins (8 draws, 158 losses, 0.388 winning percentage), including 39 wins in 2020 when he was acting coach.

The only head coaches who reached 100 wins with a lower winning rate were Bae Seong-seo (100 wins, seven draws, 60 losses, 0.385), who took the helm of Binggrae (currently Hanwha) in 1986, 1987, and MBC (currently LG) in 1989.

Choi Jung-won, who homered when NC Davis (left) walks. Courtesy of NC
KIA allowed a one-game chase to second-place NC, which beat SSG 19-5 in an away match in Munhak.

SSG collapsed in the top of the sixth inning alone, giving up eight walks, including five consecutive pushes.

Both five consecutive pushes and eight walks in an inning are the most in the history of professional baseball.

Before that, there were six consecutive pushbacks, and the most recent team to leave this disgraceful record was NC.

On May 6, 2022, NC allowed Park Hae-min (34), Moon Sung-joo (27), Hong Chang-ki (31), and Kim Hyun-soo (36) to give four outs in succession when defending in the top of the second inning against Changwon LG.

Jamsil Stadium filled with full crowds ahead of the Children’s Day holiday. News 1
LG also gave up four consecutive walks against Doosan in Jamsil on September 11, 2021.

LG ended the game with a 5-5 draw even with 14 walks, but lost 4-6 in the first game of the 2024 Children’s Day Series, which gave up only two walks.

Since 2003, when the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) began deploying three consecutive Jamsil rival games before and after Children’s Day, all three games have been held 17 times, and 12 of them (70.6%) have won more than two games.

In particular, the last time LG gained the upper hand in an even-numbered year in which the Children’s Day series was held as a home schedule was in 2012 (2 wins and 1 loss).

Doosan is also ahead of LG with 33 wins and 25 losses (0.569 win rate) in the individual game results of the Children’s Day series.

Eom Sang-baek is the only KT pitcher to have a record of winning on Children’s Day. Courtesy of KT
KT, which faced LG in the Korean Series last year, is also weak on Children’s Day.

KT, which has entered the first division stage since 2015, only won 8-2 against Lotte in Suwon in 2022.

In 2021, even though foreign ace Cuevas (34) was the starting pitcher, he was completely defeated by Kiwoom 0-14, leaving the record of losing Children’s Day for seven consecutive years.

Instead, in 2024, Children’s Day won 2-1 against Kiwoom in the starting game of Cuevas, which was held two days before.

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