I haven’t seen him throw a crow. ” KIA left-handed fireballer 150km, captured the ace of ’10 wins in ML’ again. ‘Confidence exploded.’

KIA Tigers left-handed fire bowler Lee Eui-ri (22) caught the eye of foreign ace Will Crow (30), who will play as the first starter again this season. The two played bullpen pitching side by side at Narrabunda Ball Park in Canberra, Australia on the 14th (Korea time).유흥알바

Crow pitched early in the morning, followed by Lee Eui-ri and Yoon Young-cheol. Crow did not leave the bullpen and continued to watch other pitchers pitch even after he finished his pitch. He said, “I originally like to see other pitchers pitch,” but it was true that Lee Eui-ri’s eyes were particularly glistening.

Crow already praised Lee’s advanced bullpen pitching. When he saw his left-handed pitcher hit a 150-km fastball from side to side, he said, “He has a natural talent.” Crow was generous with advice to Lee at the time. It would be good to study Yang’s ability to manage games.

When Lee Eui-ri finished pitching, Crow again began to give him advice. After finishing feedback with coaches Chung Jae-hoon and Lee Dong-geol, Crow had an unofficial feedback session. Afterwards, Crow observed Yoon Young-chul’s pitching and advised him, saying, “I am happy to see the competition between the two left-handed pitchers with opposite styles.”

Lee Eui-ri has become the first student at Crow School. “The preparation for the season is going well. I think I’m ready for it now. All I have to do is try it in real life,” Lee said. On the change-up practice that changed the grip, Lee also said, “It’s going well.”

Crow schools certainly have an effect. Lee Eui-ri said, “Crow speaks volumes in an easy way to understand. Some say things nicely, but when a pitcher who throws a ball well says such things, I feel confident. His personality is pleasant and he approaches me well first.”

According to pitching coach Jung Jae-hoon, Lee Eui-ri was also highly praised by Seattle’s driveline center officials. It was a curveball, not a fastball. Lee Eui-ri smiled slowly and said, “The problem is that the ball doesn’t go into the strike zone depending on the situation, and the ball has good pitching.”

An inch behind the curtain is hidden here. Crow monitors carefully whenever Lee Eui-ri throws a bullpen session, but he has never seen Crow pitch before. “I play the bullpen session on the same day, but I think he always throws it before me (because he throws it afterwards),” Lee said with a smile. In other words, when he comes to the bullpen, Crow has already finished pitching.

Of course, from practice games to exhibition games to regular seasons, Lee will have many opportunities to encounter Crow’s pitching. Crow is also a power pitcher who puts forward four-seam and two-seam in the 150-km range. Only throwing hands are the opposite of Lee. Lee will likely have many opportunities to refer to Crow’s strength.

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