I have no choice but to be the king of single-minded practice bugs

When SSG Choi Jung (37) was about to set a new home run record, his younger brother Choi Hang (30, Lotte) recalled his brother training every day.먹튀검증

“As soon as I got home, I remember my brother training on the rooftop by himself. Looking at that, I think (the new home run record) is a natural result,” Choi Hang said.

After graduating from Yushin High School, Choi joined the professional league in 2005 as the first designation of SK (currently SSG), and hit his first home run in the match against Hyundai in May 21, 2005. Choi, who accidentally sent a home run to the home run zone, also grabbed 1 million won in prize money. “My manager was giving me prize money at my accommodation, and I vividly remember thinking, ‘This is a professional’ at that time,” he said with a smile.

At first, I felt excited just by hitting a single homer, but from the next year, I showed off my slugging talent. Choi hit more than 10 homers steadily since 2006, when he achieved double-digit homers in his second season as a professional player. It was his 10th homer of the season on the day, and he extended his record to 19 consecutive seasons.

He also has three home run titles. Now he is listed as the hitter with the most home runs in the history of the KBO League.

However, Choi Jeong-eun waved his hands at the comment, “I try hard.” “What I can call a disadvantage is that if there is something interesting, I want to do well. For example, when Coach Kim Sung-geun was there, I did everything without saying that it was hard because I felt that I practiced defending as well. It was fun. The same goes for batting.” He explained that he just dug in and found it out because it was fun.

In baseball, he is completely a “single-minded” player.

“When I get immersed in the game, I don’t sleep at all,” Choi said. “There was a home run that made me change the batting mechanism against Kang Yoon-gu at the game against Nexen on September 9, 2012, and I practiced a lot not to forget about the sense of touch at the time, and I tried to maintain it.” Choi still dug into the home run feeling as it was back then. Still, he said, “Others are making the same effort. I have chosen the technique that suits me, so I think I have been doing it consistently until now.”

It is the result of trying to find fun in baseball because he loves it so much.

Choi Jeong-eun said, “Isn’t there something boring, such as hitting, defending, and running? I tend to try to find fun in it, too. As I did that, when I felt my skills improved, I felt more happy and excited, and I wanted to play in tomorrow’s game as soon as possible?”

The so-called “tiredness” with baseball has come, but I think it is the time that made Choi Jeong. Choi Jeong said, “I felt a little bit like tiredness in 2014-2015, but now that I think about it, I have learned how to have such a mind after a long time. Thanks to this, I have been able to do it with the driving force to mentally correct every situation or difficult situation.”

Choi set a goal of 500 home runs to surpass himself. He has 32 home runs left.

Now that I have achieved the milestone, I can play this season with a more relaxed mind. “I have a goal of 500 home runs, but I haven’t set a goal for this season. My career goal is to manage a home run only when I have a big goal, and I can play baseball for a long time, but I don’t have a personal goal. Now, I think the rest of the home runs are a bonus, and I will work hard for my team as I have done every year,” he said.

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