“I felt it right in the sauna” ‘Daegu Passionate Men’ admired by a 38-year-old veteran

“I felt it right when the players took off their clothes in the sauna after the first training session. I thought, ‘You’ve prepared a lot.'”

Daegu FC’s first battery training, which took place in Namhae, Gyeongsangnam-do for about a month, has been completed. It was a time to feel the fighting spirit and determination of the Daegu players as they had a hard time staying in the K League 1 last year.

Legend and 38-year-old Daegu veteran striker Lee Geun-ho also welcomed the passion of his juniors. Lee Keun-ho said, “I can feel that the players have come after a lot of preparation. Personally, I have been doing a lot of reinforcement training with weights. I felt it right when the players took off their clothes in the sauna after the first training. I thought, ‘You’ve prepared a lot.'” and sent admiration.

A strong body is another proof of the rigorous training. There are not one or two ‘Daegu Passionate Men’ who are surprisingly motivated by Lee Geun-ho. The will to ‘try it’ and ‘I can do it’ is great. Daegu players worked hard throughout the month to build their bodies and improve their performance during field training. There were many positive signs before the season.

Daegu is going through a period of change. Director Choi Won-kwon, who created Daegu’s residual drama last year as an acting director, was appointed as the official director after the season. In the transfer market this winter, Kim Woo-seok (Gangwon FC) and Jeong Tae-wook (Jeonbuk Hyundai) left the team. We need to create a new team. This means that the competition for the starting position has become fierce. Players are well aware that they can seize opportunities according to their efforts. So I jumped one more step and shouted fighting in a louder voice.

The result of the sweat drops came out as a result of the practice game. Daegu played 10 practice games during the first field training and won all of them. It is for this reason that coach Choi sets the goal of “upper split” next season. Coach Choi said, “The players worked hard during the field training,” and he was satisfied, saying, “He believes he can go to the top split.”

Jae-hyeon Ko, Jin-yong Lee, and Jae-won Hwang were pointed out as the ‘model students’ for the battery training. Director Choi said, “The three players’ eyes have changed in terms of attitude and attitude. They were poisonous during training. Last year, all three players were indispensable players, but they also have good personalities. I try to help and accept the players well. I don’t think I’m yet to enter the K-League Best 11 candidate, but I hope to become a Best 11 candidate and a player called up to the A national team.” 먹튀검증

Koh Jae-hyun exploded his potential by scoring 13 goals in 32 league games last year. Lee Jin-yong plays a fighting spirit in the midfield. Hwang Jae-won is in charge of the flank defense. All three players have an important task to take on in the new season. Fortunately, even before the start of the season, he received a passing grade from coach Choi.

Lee Keun-ho sent expectations to central defender Hong Jeong-woon. Lee Geun-ho said, “I kicked the ball well and had a good sense, but I wasn’t a friend with strong physical skills.” He was surprised, saying, “After last season, I did weight training without a day off until this year. My body has improved a lot. I’m looking forward to it a lot.” did.

In addition, Lee Geun-ho said, “Last year, Ko Jae-hyun did well. Personally, I want to do better and I think there will be pressure. I want to overcome this and do it comfortably.”

‘Captain’ Sejingya highly praised ‘freshman’ center back Kim Kang-san, saying, “The new players are working hard and showing good skills. Kim Kang-san has a very good fighting spirit and plays diligently. I think he will be a help to the team.” did. Kim Kang-san, who played an active role in Bucheon FC until last season, has a stable and intelligent defensive ability with good physical condition of 184 cm. Kim Kang-san challenged the starting center back, saying, “I want to play more than 35 games in the new season.”

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