“Hyeonjong, rather than Youngchul…” KIA, who avoided Ryu Hyun-jin, enjoys the ‘Danbi effect’…Reorganizing the rotation

The KIA Tigers were scheduled to face the Hanwha Eagles at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju on the 5th, but it was canceled due to rain.메이저놀이터

Amid the rain forecast until the 6th as well as the 5th, it was decided to cancel the rain early as a large amount of rain continued to pour.

KIA manager Lee Bum-ho said, “It will be a much better Children’s Day if many people come on a day like today, but it is a pity.”

Kia plans to hold various events to mark Children’s Day, and since all tickets were already sold out, it might be regrettable to cancel the game. However, the rain on the day was not bad due to “refinancing.”

The Hanwha Eagles has announced Ryu as its starting pitcher. After 11 years in the Major League, Ryu garnered two wins, three losses and an earned run average of 5.21 in seven games this season. His record itself is not good, but analysts say he boasts sharp control and power of fastballs and breaking balls, too. In a match against the SSG Landers on June 30, he allowed two runs (one earned run) in six innings, the 33rd career win in his career. For Kia, it is now able to avoid a tricky pitcher.

At the same time, he has some leeway in managing his starting pitchers as well. Kia predicted Yoon Young-chul as its starting pitcher on the day. After becoming the first losing pitcher of this season by allowing eight hits (one homer) and four walks, one strikeout and six runs in four innings at a game against the KT Wiz on June 30, it started playing after a four-day break. It gained time to take additional rest due to the rain.

KIA manager Lee Bum-ho has decided to adjust the starting rotation. KIA will play three consecutive games against the Samsung Lions on weekdays at the Samsung Lions Park in Daegu from July 7.

Yang is expected to be the starting pitcher on Tuesday. “(Yoon) Young-chul will go on Thursday (Sunday), and (Yang) Hyun-jong and James Nail will go on Tuesday and the day of acceptance,” Lee said.

Lee said, “I will keep the dates of the game for Hyunjong and Nail. If we postpone the game, Youngchul will throw twice in the rotation on Tuesday and Sunday. The pitchers who have the power to throw twice a week are Hyunjong and Nail. I think Hyunjong will throw twice next week and Nail will throw twice the next week,” adding, “Hyeonjong and Youngcheol have similar styles. The rotation is between Hyunjong and Youngcheol. We have something in disadvantage, so we will drop them.”

If Lee returns after being diagnosed with a sprained left elbow, he can adjust the rotation further. “I think we can adjust the rotation after playing after watching Lee pitch,” Lee said.

Meanwhile, Kia Tigers won the game against Hanwha Eagles by a score of 10 to 2 on Sunday. Starting pitcher Will Crow allowed five scoreless innings, followed by Choi Ji-min (1 scoreless inning), Jeon Sang-hyun (1 scoreless inning), Kim Geon-guk (1 scoreless inning), and Jung Hae-young (2 scoreless innings). Crow only pitched 75, but he chose to replace him early in order to check the bullpen.

Manager Lee said, “As (Choi) Jimin and (Former) Sang-hyun were told to take the mound today (May 5) because they said it would rain 100 percent. Crow was also tired. Even if today’s game is played, let’s take a four-day break and throw one inning each because it is a two-game series. I asked (Jung) Hae-young whether he would like to throw or not. I posted it because he said he wanted to throw it.”

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