How good is “Yum Kyung-yeop’s Shortstop” as seen by Oh Ji-hwan of Golden Glove?


After a happy championship season, LG’s Yeom Kyung-yup and Oh Ji-hwan visited KBS to watch some special archival footage together.헤라카지노

It’s a defensive clip of a shortstop who isn’t the famous Yeom Kyung-yeop.

What did the Golden Glove winner think?


During a visit to KBS, Cha Myung-seok, manager Yoon Kyung-yup, and captain Oh Ji-hwan showed off their talents in unfamiliar places.

The first thing they did was to commemorate the past championship teams.

[Cha Myung-seok/LG captain: “PR team leader, we need to get rid of that ball first~”]

We asked Oh Ji-hwan, who added a Golden Glove to his championship ring, to comment on a special video.

[“What would it be like if Oh Ji-hwan, the Golden Glove winner this season, watched your defense?”]

First up, shortstop Yoon Kyung-yeop’s catch from the ’94 Korean Series.

[Broadcast at the time: “Almost animalistic senses!”]

[Oh Ji-hwan/LG : “The ground condition doesn’t look good at first glance, so I think you have good quickness.”]

[Yeom Kyung-yup/LG: “That’s the level where you can slide and catch it comfortably?”]

Surprised by a familiar face.

[“It’s Cha Cha Cha, you’re in good shape!”]

Surprised again by the shortstop’s ability to handle balls with ease.

[Oh Ji-hwan/LG: “That’s the most difficult position for a shortstop to play, because it’s the most distance.”]

The manager’s mistake is explained with a sharp analysis.

[Oh Ji-hwan/LG: “It looks like it’s going to go into the glove, but depending on the trajectory, sometimes it wobbles, and sometimes it hits the ground and has more spin.”]

Yeom’s explanation is simple.

[“I just let my guard down.”]

Coach Yeom characterized himself as a player who lacked desperation.

But as a coach, he has a need that one win doesn’t fulfill.

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