“How come the candidates for the championship…” The three main players left in an instant due to injuries. Still, will they change it to a nightmare → a miracle

Bad news has hit the Wizards Corps, which showed a miraculous journey last season. Following pitcher Ko Young-pyo (33), the main outfielders Bae Jung-dae (29) and Kim Min-hyuk (30) were suddenly out due to injury.업소알바

On the 8th, when there was no KBO league game, KT canceled a total of five players, including outfielders Bae Jung-dae, Kim Min-hyuk and Song Min-seop, as well as pitchers Kim Min and Moon Yong-ik, from the first division entry.

The most painful thing is Bae Jung-dae and Kim Min-hyuk’s departure from injury. Bae Jung-dae was hit by his foul ball in the eighth inning during an away game against the LG Twins at Jamsil Stadium on the 7th. In the end, Bae Jung-dae was replaced before his defense in the bottom of the eighth inning without finishing the game.

The hospital’s examination also revealed that the patient needs six weeks of rehabilitation. “X-rays and CT scans revealed a fracture of the columnar bone in the left foot,” a KT source said on Sunday. “Rehabilitation is expected for about six weeks.” The college will not be able to return to the school until mid-May.

In addition, Kim Min-hyuk is also out of the team due to injury. Kim Min-hyuk was also injured in the game against LG in Jamsil on Tuesday. He felt discomfort in his right shoulder during the game and was substituted. “He will undergo rehabilitation for about two weeks due to pain in his right shoulder and his movement is limited,” a KT source said.

Bae Jung-dae was an outfielder representing the KT Wiz and played a key role in the team’s offense. He had a batting average of 0.290 (18 hits in 62 times at bat) with three doubles, one home run, nine RBIs, six runs scored, three steals, four walks, 20 strikeouts, and a slugging percentage of 0.387 with an on-base percentage of 0.324 OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage) of 0.711 in 14 games this season.

In addition, Kim Min-hyuk was active in 14 games this season with a batting average of 0.270 (10 hits in 37 times at bat), two doubles, nine RBIs, one run scored, three walks and one strikeout, and a 0.324 on-base hit rate of 0.317 OPS of 0.641.

Earlier in the day, KT’s native ace Ko Young-pyo, who represents the KBO league, was out of the lineup. Ko Young-pyo was removed from the first-team entry ahead of the LG match on the 5th as fine damage was confirmed to his right elbow flexor muscle. Ko Young-pyo is also scheduled to return in May after taking a break for two to three weeks.

KT has struggled a lot in the early days of this season. Notably, the team had a few injured players, but it fell to the bottom of the standings with three wins and 11 losses (0.214 win rate).

The baseball game that he trusted is not going his way. Two foreign pitchers, Cuevas lost one game with 4.00 ERA and Benjamin lost one game with 10.29 ERA. Ko was also in trouble with one win and one loss with an 8.10 ERA, while Um Sang-baek has lost three games with an 8.25 ERA without a win. Won, who was selected as the fifth starter, has been posting an ERA of 6.00 without losing or losing. Kim Min, who replaced Ko as a substitute starter, bowed his head to LG on Tuesday, allowing three hits, six walks and six runs (six earned) per inning.

Still, if there is one thing you believe in about KT, it will be the same as last year’s. Early in the 2023 season, KT had a nightmare of a series of injuries. At one point, the margin of victory even widened to –14 (10th with 10 wins, two draws, and 24 losses) in KT’s record on May 18, 2023. In April last year, the company had seven wins, 14 losses, and two draws, and in May, it had nine wins and 15 losses, falling short of its winning rate of 50 percent.

However, he rebounded to No. 1 monthly by marking 15 wins and eight losses in June, before jumping to 13 wins and six losses in July. In August, he rose to the top spot with 19 wins and four losses (0.826 win rate). Since then, he ranked second on Aug. 19 and has maintained the same position since then. He finished the pennant race the fastest with 10 wins, 11 losses and one draw in September and 6 wins and four losses in October. The final result was 79 wins, 62 losses, and three draws. Literally, it was Miracle.

Oddly enough, the same pattern is repeated in the beginning of this year as in the past. KT first plans to return to the team as early as June after rehabilitation of So Hyung-joon who underwent Tommy John Surgery meant to link tendon in his elbow in May last year. On top of that, infielders Shim Woo-joon and Kwon Dong-jin will be discharged from the military service from the military athletic department in July, which will greatly contribute to the team. This means that despite difficulties in the early days of the season, fans can expect momentum to see a rebound. However, the best scenario is that the team will join the leadership from the beginning of the season and engage in a race for ranking. How will KT, the “champion candidate,” will overcome the crisis? At the match against NC in Changwon on Tuesday, KT will stage Um Sang-baek (NC starting pitcher Lee Jae-hak) as the starting pitcher to escape consecutive losses. It will then hold three consecutive games against SSG at its home ground on weekends.

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