“Home win rate is only 26%.” Hakbumson lamented, “Jeju and the away team will build a tomb.”

Hakbumson’s Jeju head coach Kim Hak-beom (64) has declared that he will make the Jeju World Cup Stadium the “grave of the away team.”

Coach Kim said in an official press conference at the Jeju United Club House in Seogwipo, Jeju, on the 10th that he would show a different image of Jeju from this year.랭크카지노

Jeju, which ranked ninth in the 2023 season, hired veteran coach Kim Hak-beom as its 17th head coach last month. Kim promised to improve the team’s home win rate.

Jeju recorded five wins, seven draws and seven losses in 19 home games last year. Its home winning percentage was only about 26%. It failed to make the most of its home advantage at all.

“Many people would have tried to win more at home. Even to me, the winning rate is low at home. Increasing the home winning rate is an urgent priority,” head coach Kim said.

Kim recalled that when he coached other clubs in the past, it was not easy to go to Jeju Island. He served as coaches of various clubs including Seongnam Ilhwa (2005-2008), Gangwon FC (2012-2013), Seongnam FC (2014-2016), and Gwangju FC (2017), and thus had strong skills and experiences in the K-League. “To be honest, visiting Jeju was tricky. If we improve our home win rate from now on, I think many fans will visit us. I am thinking about what kind of plan there will be. It is the best project ever.”

Jeju recently recruited offensive resources such as Jegal Jae-min and Thales. Jegal Jae-min joined Daegu FC in 2021, but he is a striker who lost in the K League 1 and even went down to the K3 League. He was named the best player in K3 last year and was chosen by Jeju. Thales is a Brazilian mercenary who can play both left and right wingers.

“I believed that there was a problem in scoring ability rather than defense ability. I recruited him because he was a player who could score a goal. I expect him to see many effects,” Kim said, pinning his hope on his ability to attack.

For now, the coach plans to strengthen his physical stamina. Recently, soccer is in vogue for the style of raising the line, narrowing the gap between offense and defense, and exerting strong pressure. “Now is a soccer game that lasts more than 100 minutes (not 90 minutes). That’s how strong physical strength is required,” Kim said. “Pressure is difficult when you are not ready. I will play soccer that runs one foot longer than others, or soccer that bothers others.”

The team also canceled off-season training sessions. This year, many teams went to Thailand and Vietnam for their first off-season training sessions. “I was supposed to go to Chiang Mai, Thailand, but I canceled it. I don’t know each other very well yet. I need to calmly improve my physical condition. If you overdo it at the stage of getting to know each other, you might get injured,” Kim said in a very careful approach.

Kim longed for Jeju fans’ enthusiastic support. At the same time, he promised to meet expectations without fail.

Coach Kim said, “There will be many changes in Jeju. There were many games where fans were disappointed. I will not disappoint you now. We need a lot of support from our fans. We will be more excited and do our best to show you better games, especially at home. I think it will be a team that can be the tomb for the away team. The support of the fans is important. I will repay you with a good performance.”

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