Hana 1Q manager Kim Do-wan, who failed to escape the losing streak, “could not survive the 3rd quarter”

Bucheon Hanau Q failed to escape losing streak.

Hana Walk Q lost 82-68 in an away game against Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball Busan BNK held at Sajik Gymnasium in Busan on the 29th (Sun).

Hana 1 Q also played well in the early stages of the game. After scoring 22 points in the first quarter, they finished the quarter with a 9-point lead. However, they allowed a chase in the 2nd quarter and a reversal in the 3rd quarter.

In Hana 1Q, Yang In-young struggled with 9 points in the first quarter. However, after that, he showed limitations by not being able to score smoothly in the attack. Yang In-yeong scored double digits, but no player other than her scored more than 10 points.

After the game, Hana 1Q manager Kim Do-wan said, “We passed in the third quarter. It seems like every time. Since I was pushed from the height, I changed it to regional defense. When he switched defenses, he allowed 3-pointers.” 스포츠토토

Coach Kim said, “There were many three-point shots allowed in the fourth quarter. In each game, there were a lot of things that happened by allowing outside shots. “The players who were supposed to do it couldn’t do it,” he said. “The players who were substituted should also understand the opponent well and not allow them to score, but many of them allowed goals. It was a pity that I passed the flow,” he explained.

There were also regrets in the details. Director Kim said, “In the beginning, there were many opportunities in the two-man game with (Shin) Ji-hyun. However, what was a bit disappointing was that when the screen didn’t work well once, it was regrettable to try the screen again or see opportunities in the outskirts later. The movements of the big men were somewhat low,” he said, regretting the development after the first intention did not work.

Shin Ji-hyun and Yang In-young are the main players in Hana 1 Q. However, most players are still young and inexperienced. Coach Kim is trying various things by using various players, but he has not been able to do it throughout the season. Coach Kim also said, “I tried to do it until the end, but he missed a lot of easy shots. Because of this, there was no side that gave him a flow,” he said, chewing regretfully.

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