Ha Yoon-gi, rises to KT’s ace

Ha Yoon-gi (204cm, C) has risen to become the ace of KT.
(Among Wonju DB, Suwon KT and Jeonju KCC, which were tied for 6th place until the 4th round, the results of the 4th round are posted in the order of DB-KT-KCC, which was ahead)

KT slowed down in the 4th round. The momentum of the six-game winning streak that began at the end of the third round could not be continued. Because he couldn’t cross the threshold of victory.

Still, there were tangible results. It was Ha Yoon-gi’s steady growth. He proudly took the position of KT’s ace.

KT coach Seo Dong-cheol also praised him, saying, “(Ha) Yoon-gi has really improved. He should receive the 4th round MVP. He does above average without ups and downs.” He has grown into a player you can trust and rely on.

Ha Yoon-gi’s record has been steadily rising since the first round. His scoring average has risen to 11.7-13.2-15.4-17.6 points. His average playing time also exceeded 30 minutes from the 4th round.

Ha Yoon-ki’s scoring did not simply come from many field goal attempts. From the third round, the field goal success rate exceeded 60%. The free throw success rate also exceeded 80%.

Ha Yoon-gi’s attack skills are not diverse. Instead, he became more powerful. He further honed his bottom-of-the-basket scoring and accurate mid-range jumpers that utilized his height and elasticity.

The proportion of Ha Yoon-gi’s attacks also steadily increased. Ha Yoon-gi has the second most field goal attempts (12.2) after Jarrod Jones (208cm, F). He is also exerting influence little by little in the game. 스포츠토토

He is taking advantage of the opposing defense’s focus on Jones. He clearly dominates the wider paint zone than before.

After joining Jones, Ha Yun-ki scored 20+ points 6 times in 15 games. You’re seeing a definite reflective benefit.

Despite Yang Hong-seok’s (195cm, F) roller coaster performance, KT tied for 6th place. The reason was clear. It was because Ha Yoon-gi stood tall as the undisputed ace.

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