Gwangnam High School Superintendent Bae Jun-seo strikes three times in bowling high school

Bae Joon-seo (Gwangju Kwangnam High School) has won three gold medals in men’s high school at the 2024 Gyeonggi Superintendent’s Student Bowling Competition.노래방알바

Bae Joon-seo scored a total of 4,46 points (average 252.9 points) in the individual all-around for the high school boys in the tournament, which ended at Ferrex Bowling Stadium in Namyangju on the 11th, beating Yoo Young-woo (Seongnam Bundang High School, 3,946) and Bae Jung-hoon (Suwon Youth Club, 3,886 points).

Previously, Bae Joon-seo won the two-member match paired with Oh Tae-hwan with a total of 2,80 points (average 260.0 points) ahead of Cha Seung-bin and Bae Jung-hoon (1,959 points) in four games, and also won the gold medal with 2,934 points (average 244.5 points) in the three-member match with Oh Tae-hwan and Park Ji-hoon.

In addition, Baek Ye-dam (Yangju Deokjeong High School) won the women’s individual all-around with a total of 3,538 points (221.1 points on average), beating Jang Yoo-jin (Guri Topyeong High School, 3,459 points), and winning her second gold medal after the two-man competition (1,748 points) in which she worked with Kim Bo-yoon.

Kang Soo-jung (Topyeong High School), who won the individual high school girls’ individual competition, also won the first place with 4,74 points (average 203.7 points) in the five-member competition, which was teamed with Jang Yoo-jin, Lee Ha-rin, Bae Hyo-bin, and Cho Kyung-ju, and Gwangnam High School, which was teamed by Kim Si-eun, Oh Ji-soo, and Kim Lia, won the three-member competition with 2,501 points (average 208.4 points).

In addition, Park Ye-ho (Topyeong High School) won the title with a total of 1,74 points (268.5 points) in four games, while Toegye Plaintiff (Ko Hee-jae, Kim Yoon-soo, Roh Min-wook, Cho Hye-beom, Kang Hyun-seung, and Jung Sung-woon) in Namyangju ranked first with 4,749 points (237.5 points on average).

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