Goalkeeper Yoo Yeon-soo’s dream taken away by drunk driving “I want to run again…”


One athlete’s dreams of becoming a No. 1 goalkeeper came to an end when he was the victim of an unfortunate drunk driving accident.

Jeju’s Yoo Yoo-soo has been diagnosed as a paraplegic and has had to hang up his gloves.


In front of an empty goal, a young man sits in a wheelchair and stares at the green field.

Just a year ago, Yoo Yeon-soo was flying high and protecting Jeju’s goal.토토사이트

A year ago, Yoo Yoo-soo had a promising soccer career ahead of him.

Last October, he was hit by a drunk driver, seriously injured, and eventually diagnosed as a paraplegic.

Now, he can’t even get around without his parents’ help.

[Yoo Yeon-soo: “I felt like there was nothing I could do, not even a cow, not even a stool, and I think the hardest thing was that I couldn’t play soccer, which made me cry.”]

However, the drunk driver has yet to apologize and has not been punished.

[Yoo Yeon-soo/Jeju: “He was talking about going in and out of jail, like he’s destroying a family and ruining a person’s life….”]

It took him a year to come to terms with the unbelievable reality that he would never put on a goalie’s glove again.

[“I don’t know if I’ll ever put (the gloves) on again…I don’t know if I’ll ever catch a ball with them on….”]

After leaving Jeongden Ground amid tearful farewells from his teammates, Yoo decided to take on a new challenge.

[Yoo Yeon-soo: “There is a table tennis center, so I tried it and it was fun, so I will definitely try my best and challenge for the Paralympics.”]

As he embarks on the next chapter of his life, Yoo Yeon-soo will bid farewell to Jeongden Ground with a retirement ceremony at the league’s final home game tomorrow.

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