Geelong 發 activity notice… Song Chan-eui of LG, “Expect the director, do better than burden”

LG Twins infielder Song Chan-eui (24) expressed her feelings after completing her experience with Geelong Korea.

Song Chan-ui arrived at Incheon International Airport on the 23rd after finishing the season in the Australian League as a member of Geelong Korea. Song Chan-eui appeared in 28 games in the Australian league and recorded 33 hits in 102 at-bats (7 home runs), 24 RBIs, 18 points, 6 steals, and a batting average of 0.324 OPS of 0.979.

Song Chan-eui is a promising player who won the exhibition home run king with 6 home runs in 12 exhibition games last year. However, in the regular season, he only had a batting average of 0.236 with 3 home runs and 10 RBIs in 33 games. Song Chan-eui was selected as the best player in the first and second rounds in the Australian League, fueling expectations once again.

At the inauguration ceremony in November last year, LG’s new coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop also said of Song Chan-eui, “He has the talent and ability to become an important player in LG. Song Chan-ui has to think about his position in order to come to the first team. He is a player we need to develop, so he will grow.” I will discuss with the club what direction I should go for the future, what position I can receive opportunities in the team, and whether I can grow.” 카지노사이트

Song Chan-eui said of the Australian league, “I think it will be helpful to experience various pitchers. Based on good experiences, my goal is to achieve good results this season.” . Rather than having expectations as a burden, I have a strong desire to do well,” revealing his candid mind about the team’s expectations.

The following is Song Chan-ui and Q&A.

– How do you feel about the Australian league?
I think it will be helpful to have experience with various pitchers. The goal is to achieve good results this season based on good experiences.

-How was the Australian players playing?
It’s definitely rough. Baseball culture is different. While playing baseball, we took care not to hurt each other.

-You couldn’t rest during the winter and played a game in Australia.
It would be a lie if I said there was no physical burden, but last year I lacked a lot, so I tried to gain experience against various pitchers.

-Hong Chang-ki has grown into an on-base king based on his experience in Geelong Korea.
(Hong) Changi-hyung said that it would be a really good opportunity and a good experience, and he recommended going. He even gifted me spikes and shoes.

-Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop pointed out.
He also talked a lot about the Geelong players, but he was going to focus on baseball. Rather than having expectations as a burden, I have a strong desire to do well.

-It seems that the burden against foreign pitchers has decreased.
I seem to have gained some confidence. It feels like dealing with a foreign pitcher every day

– You have to compete for a position in your team.
Rather than competing, I just want to play the best I can in the position the team entrusts to me.

– What is your goal for spring camp?
What I lack is defense, so I want to pay a lot of attention. Strikes must be studied. Above all, I will make my own.

-What director Lee Byung-kyu told us.
He gave a one-point lesson that he had to come out on time.

– In a way, you represented the country.
I felt like a representative while listening to the national anthem before the game. So I wanted to win more and tried harder.

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