Game addict + West Ham enthusiast + the same age as SON… What is the reality of the Tottenham manager’s ‘surprise candidate’?

 It turns out that Tottenham, which is looking for a new coach, is also looking at a 30-year-old coach who is immersed in the soccer game.

Born in 1992, he is the same age as Son Heung-min, and is even a big fan of Tottenham’s London rival West Ham.

Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ claimed on the 20th that “Tottenham is looking for a permanent successor to Antonio Conte (former manager)” and “is in open talks with French Reims manager Will Steele.”

Steele, an English-Belgian, has been in charge of Reims since October of last year and is leading the team’s French Ligue 1 sensation. As the youngest coach in European football, he has never made his adult debut as his playing career has been minimal.메이저사이트

However, after jumping into adult team leadership as Lierse coach in Belgium in 2017, he also coached and supervised the Belgian team Beer Short, and then coached Reims two years ago. Last year, while coaching prestigious Standard Liège in Belgium, he took over as coach Reims, who was in crisis with a winless streak in the first five games, and is sitting on the bench on the condition that he only take charge of one season in the 2022/23 season, showing off his outstanding leadership.

Reims showed off his spirit by winning three consecutive victories in February and March against Couluz, Ajaccio, and Monaco. Last February, in the home game against the strongest Paris Saint-Germain, they drew 1-1 thanks to the equal score of Polarin Balogan, ‘the future of English football’, who was brought on loan from Arsenal.

Reims is 8th out of 20 teams with 11 wins, 14 draws and 6 losses (47 points). The team that recorded 1 win, 5 draws and 4 losses before he came has completely changed.

As a result, teams have been eyeing him, and Tottenham seems to have put him on the list of candidates for a new manager.

The unique thing about coach Steele, who was born in October 1992 and was born later than Son Heung-min, who was born in July, is that he is addicted to soccer simulation games.

In an interview with ‘Daily Mail’ earlier this year, he said, “I played a soccer simulation game with the idea of ​​’just one more game’, but I played it past 10 pm and until 4 am.” I realized,” he said without hesitation.

‘Daily Mail’ also explained that he is a West Ham fan in his family. The newspaper said,

“His father is a West Ham fan, but this is a family history.” “Steel considers England like home and wants to go back.

The composition of the Tottenham command tower has also emerged as a point of observation to see if coach In Steel can be selected by Chairman Daniel Levy.Photo

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