From coaches and players to staff… WBC team assistant KT

If you look at the World Baseball Classic (WBC) baseball team, you can see ‘KT Wiz’.

KT included a total of eight officials, including players, in the WBC baseball team. In addition to head coach Lee Kang-chul, who leads the national team, four players (Byeong-ho Park, Young-pyo Koh, Baek-ho Kang, and Hyeong-jun So), as well as hitting coach Ki-tae Kim, trainer Joo-seong Hong, and bullpen catcher Jae-wook Kang are contributing to the national team. The club that produced the most WBC national players is the LG Twins (six), but KT ranks first when including coaching and support staff. There is even a joke saying, “KT, the national company, stands for Korea Team.”

Currently, the WBC baseball team is training at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Kino Sports Complex is also a KT spring camp site. Veteran Park Byeong-ho said, “The KT Spring Camp Stadium (the national team’s training ground) is right next to it, and there are many people who have been with me from the coach to the coaches and staff, so I was able to quickly get used to the atmosphere. I’m in good condition because I built my body,” he said. 스포츠토토

Pitcher Koh Young-pyo said, “I feel a great sense of responsibility because I train wearing clothes that represent Korea.” Infielder Kang Baek-ho also said, “Since I wore the (national team) uniform, I thought a lot that I should become a person worthy of this uniform. I want to,” he said. Pitcher So Joon So-jun said, “I continue to train and look good in this outfit.”

There are also many helpers who support the national team. Trainer Joo-Sung Hong and bullpen catcher Jae-Wook Kang are among them. Trainer Hong said, “There are players I have managed in the national team, but there are many players who have not. I think trainers are one of the most important helpers for players. I will try to do it,” he said.

Kang Jae-wook, catcher of the bullpen, said, “I received the ball from (Small) Hyung-jun from the first practice, and the power of the fastball was good. Certainly, the players wear national team uniforms, so the ball seems to have more responsibility and power. , I will help you quickly adapt to the official ball.”

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