From Champion to MVP… ‘Noble School’ PBA Queue School, a battle of pride

 ‘Veterans’ go back to school. 

The Professional Billiards Association (PBA) said, “The PBA Q School and LPBA Tryout will be held in May.” 

The 2022 PBA Q School and LPBA Tryouts were held from May 6 to 13. It is expected that this year’s event will be held on a similar schedule. 

PBA Q School is the final gateway through which players who did not rank in 64th place (50%) in the 1st division last season, as well as the top players in the Dream Tour (2nd division) and Challenge Tour (3rd division), go through to promote to the 1st division tour. Among them, players who achieved the highest grades in the Dream Tour and Challenge Tour and went directly to the first division tour are excluded. A PBA official said, “There is a high probability that the rules will remain the same as last year.” 

Last season, a total of 107 players participated, and only 1/3 of them were promoted to the first division tour. The competition rate was 3.5 to 1 at the time.

Looking at the Q School lineup for the 2022 season, players from the first division tour who played an active part in the team league include Oh Tae-jun (former NH Nonghyup Card), Seon Ji-hoon (former Crown Haetae), and Han Dong-woo (former TS Shampoo Heroes). Players from the third division filled the spot.

And this season, Oh Tae-joon was runner-up in the High1 Resort Championship, earning 50,000 ranking points in one shot and jumping to 14th place. Han Dong-woo is ranked 68th with a cumulative score of 19,500.  스포츠토토

Compared to last year, this year’s Q School lineup has become more colorful (?). Most of the PBA strong players have made it to the round of 64, but there are some players who are not. 

Eom Sang-pil, who showed great leadership by leading Blue One Resort from the first season, is going through an ordeal of relegation for the first time this season. He started at 11th place in his first PBA season, and the following year, he was ranked 19th in mourning, but the rankings went down a little, then he was still a strong player. 

However, from the 2021-22 season, the ranking drops sharply and is tied for 45th with a cumulative ranking of 19,500 points. Until this time, he was still in the first division tour, not outside the round of 64. However, he dropped to 74th this season and eventually headed to Q School. This is the first Q school I go to after entering the PBA.

Kim Byung-ho, the first-year PBA champion, also slipped in the first part of the tour, ranking 81st (15,500 points) at the end of the 8th tour. Hana Card, a new team, leaves the captain after one season. Kim Jin-ah and her daughter Kim Bo-mi (NH Nonghyup Card), who showed good chemistry in the mixed match, expressed their wish for Kim Byung-ho to remain as team captain for a long time through an interview, but in the end it did not come true. 

In addition, Kim Bo-mi got the joy of winning the first LPBA runner-up in her life this season, but her father can meet her daughter only if he cheers up again from the Q school. Her best performance this season was advancing to the round of 32 at the NH Nonghyup Card.

Seo Hyeon-min (Welcome Savings Bank), who won MVP at the same time as Team League champion in the previous season, also has to go to Q School this season. The current grade is 81st, with a cumulative score of 15,500, the same as Kim Byung-ho. It’s ironic fate. Seo Hyun-min also only made it to the round of 32 at the TS Shampoo Puradak Championship this season and could not improve his performance any further. 

Han Ji-seung of the same team also ranked 108th with 10,000 points alongside Seon Ji-hoon, confirming his move to Q School. A fierce competition will be waged on the pride of the captain, MVP, and champion. In May, it is expected that you will be able to see the lineup of the ‘Mini PBA Championship’ class. 

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