Former MLB Angels manager Arsmouth looking for new general manager of Houston

Houston, which reached the top of the American professional baseball league last season, is considering former Los Angeles Angels manager Brad Asmus as its new general manager. reported today (26th), citing a source, “Houston is in contact with former manager Asmers to appoint the next general manager,” and “Vice President of Scouting Dana Brown interviewed in person.” 안전놀이터

Former coach Asmus, who played an active role as a catcher, played 1,259 games in 10 seasons in a Houston uniform from 1997 to 1998 and 2001 to 2008.

After his retirement, he took charge of Detroit for four years from 2014, and took over as manager of the Angels in 2019, but was sacked after one year in a poor record of 72-90.

Meanwhile, Houston virtually fired James Click, then general manager, six days after winning the World Series in November of last year, and sent the Stove League with the general manager position vacant.

Formally, it was a breakup due to the expiration of the contract, but local media interpreted it as close to being fired due to a conflict with Houston owner Jim Crane.

In the offseason, Houston traded ace Justin Verlander to the New York Mets and managed to retain key bullpen Rafael Montero and pick-up hitter Michael Brantley.

They also acquired slugger Jose Abreu, who was released as a free agent.

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