Forget Lotte’s first rookie to get 100 hits… 1st round rookie returns to square one “It’s starting again from 0”

“We will start again from zero next year.”

The debut season began with the spotlight as ‘Little Lee Jeong-hoo’. Lotte Giants Kim Min-seok (19) became the first rookie in the club’s history. He achieved 100 hits as the first high school graduate of the Lotte team. He batted in 129 games this year with a batting average of .205, 102 hits in 400 at-bats, 3 home runs, 39 RBI, 53 runs, 16 stolen bases, and a .652 OPS. 

He changed positions from infielder to outfielder and played a full season. In a rookie season where it was difficult to adapt to the professional stage, he overcame the physical burden and completed the full season. 

We confirmed his talent and showed him his potential, but we also realized his limitations. Although his debut season can be considered a success, he said coldly, “I scored about 40 out of 100.” 

He explained why he did not reach 60 points. He cannot leave out the issue of physical strength. From dispatch to Geelong Korea to the current finishing camp, I have not given up on baseball for nearly a year. He said, “It didn’t go as well as I wanted because it was hot in the summer. I definitely felt like the season was very long physically. Since he doesn’t have much body fat, he lost a lot of muscle. “That’s why I think his batting average has dropped.” 

He continued, “I struck out a lot this year. I think this part needs to be improved. He felt like he couldn’t hit in one year. “Conditions are different and pitchers’ timings are different, so I think his slump will be reduced if he develops at least two forms.” Although his contact ability was a point of pride for Min-Seok Kim, he struck out 112 times while allowing 31 walks. 

The first year of transitioning to the outfield inevitably involved trial and error. His hitting judgment and fielding range gradually improved, but his weakness in throwing became more noticeable. From the middle of the season, opposing teams persistently explored Min-seok Kim’s weaknesses in center field. The opposing runners started running with free passes when the batted ball went in Kim Min-seok’s direction. 

Kim Min-seok criticized the outfield defense, saying, “Right now, I’m just a guy who catches fly balls.” He then talked about the opposing teams’ aggressive base running when he caught the ball, saying, “I wasn’t aware of it at first, but as the opponents started to analyze, I saw it. “Honestly, my pride was hurt,” he said emphatically, “I think it is a learning process and I need to improve and show a better side of myself than I did this year.”

Still, he gave 40 points because “the best thing was that he never went down to the second team, and he wants to give some points for stolen bases.” “I wasn’t quick on my feet, but the coaches helped me a lot, so I had more successes than failures,” he explained.

Newly appointed ‘Tiger’ coach Kim Tae-hyung emphasized that in order to beat the opponent, one must become stronger and feel one’s own limits. He also sent a strong message to new players who were just beginning to stand out.

Coach Kim said, “He has just started playing in the first team, so his face is starting to become known. I think I just have the thought that I can do better next year than I do now. It is a complete illusion to say that what I have been urging since my time as coach of Doosan is that we will do better next year than this year. You should never think like that. “You need to build your body through baseball, not weights,” he said emphatically. 

Kim Min-seok also accepted coach Kim Tae-hyung’s strong warning and was aware that he had to constantly work harder. He said, “I heard what the director said. Even before the director spoke, his older brothers, seniors, and coaches always said that. Next year, the numbers on the electronic display board will all start over with 0,” he said. “I don’t think I’ll do well because I’m starting from scratch. “Still, I want to do better, so I have to prepare better in the future,” he said emphatically.메이저놀이터 

For ‘Doorini’ Kim Min-seok, meeting director Kim Tae-hyung was an amazing experience. Currently, Kim Min-seok is included in the recovery group and is scheduled to begin full-scale training with coach Kim Tae-hyung from the next training session. Other than shaking hands at the meeting, there hasn’t been much conversation yet. 

He said, “I was a fan of Doosan senior Jeong Soo-bin, and he was the coach who won the championship at Doosan at the time. “I never thought we would meet like this,” he said. “He is a director whose force is felt.” “I think I, my older brothers, and our seniors will all have to work hard and do well,” he said with a smile.

Manager Kim Tae-hyung was happy to see Kim Min-seok while serving as a commentator this year, and even gave him a compliment, saying, “His bat control is really good.” However, Minseok Kim brought himself back to zero base. They are also raising the limit again by reflecting on coach Tiger’s warning message.

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