‘First win in debut’ Choi Ji-min, “I wish I could go to the national team by doing well with Lotte’s Kim Jin-wook”

 Choi Ji-min (20), a prospective left-hander for the KIA Tigers, shared his impressions of achieving his first victory in his debut.

On the 16th against Daegu Samsung, Choi Ji-min relieved starter Sean Anderson with 2 out and 1 base in the 6th inning, which was behind by 1-2, and calmed the opponent’s batting line with 1 strikeout and no run in 1⅓ innings. KIA defeated Samsung 8-2 and broke the chain of 5 consecutive losses.

Manager Kim Jong-guk said, “Anderson found a sense of stability after giving up two runs in the bottom of the first inning and blocked the opponent’s lineup well without giving up any additional runs. Afterwards, Choi Ji-min overcame the crisis with two outs on first base at the bottom of the 6th inning and provided a platform for victory. Congratulations on his first win in his professional debut.”

Choi Ji-min, who achieved his first win in his debut, said in a meeting with reporters after the game, “I went up in a losing situation, blocked it well, and came down.

Choi Ji-min added, “I liked that I threw hard from the mound, believing that if I came down after blocking well, the seniors would do well for me.”카지노사이트

When asked about the secret to his remarkable improvement this year, he replied, “I went down to the second team last year and trained intensively.

Choi Ji-min, who stands out as a left-handed young gun this season along with Lotte Kim Jin-wook, a year senior at Gangneung High School, said, “I hope we do well together. I want to go to the national team as well. If we throw each other well, we exchange congratulations.”

Choi Ji-min does not discriminate between left and right batters. He said, “It is his strength to compete confidently regardless of left and right batters,” and said, “I use it usefully when playing while practicing both the slider and changeup.”

Is there any desire for a starting pitcher? He also expressed his aspirations, saying, “I want to be a starting pitcher someday.” Regarding his goal this season, he concluded the interview by saying, “I want to help the team win by playing in the first team for as long as possible without getting hurt in one season.” /what@osen.co.kr

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