“Finstrife blood flows…” LG 28-year-old setup man wins 29 years and FA hits… Life turnaround, happy man

The LG Twins left-hander set-up man Ham Deok-ju (28) changed his uniform from the Doosan Bears in 2021. However, he pitched in only 16 games and 13 games over the past two years. Due to poor performance and injury, Ham failed to display his prowess during the Doosan era. During the Doosan era, he was an all-weather player who started, set-up man, and finished the game.헤라카지노

Ham Deok-ju made a comeback after meeting manager Yeom Kyung-yeop this year. He maximized his advantage with long extension. Originally, he used sliders, change-ups, and curves evenly, but this season, he lowered his fastball pitching rate and used sliders and change-ups more.

He garnered four wins, 16 holds, and four saves with an ERA of 1.62 in 57 games this season for the first time since his debut. Based on stellar performance this year, he signed a four-year, 3.8 billion won (FA) contract with LG for the winter season, which is welcoming the winter season. Recently, he even got married and is facing double celebrations.

After leading LG to win the championship for the first time in 29 years, Ham reportedly told LG that his blood flows through offseason company dinner. LG’s official YouTube channel, Twins TV, didn’t miss it. When asked about this right after the contract was announced on Monday, he said, “I said that at the company dinner. I think I said the right thing.”

He has great satisfaction and pride in LG. “The owner of the team took great care of me first. I will do my best to repay him for four years. His trust and treatment have been good since I first came to LG. I wanted to win the title, and I have such a good team member, so I signed a contract with the mindset that I want to play for a strong team in the future,” Ham said.

After their wedding and honeymoon, they entered 2024 season mode. “After winning, I prepared a lot for my wedding. Thank you for signing a good contract with LG as soon as I got back from my wedding trip. I will prepare well for the season. I will prepare well to win again next year,” Ham said.

Ham Deok-ju, who is young and experienced, is the core of LG’s bullpen. It is a very important puzzle for building the LG dynasty. “I won, but this is not the end. I will prepare hard to win next year as well. I am happy to be with good team members. I am grateful to my beloved LG fans. Please let me play baseball happily in the future,” Ham said.

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