“Fighting with your schoolwork.” Even sarcastic…The unfairness that I couldn’t complain about has been resolved. “So that I can do better in baseball.”

The Seoul High Court Criminal Chamber 13 (Chief Judge Baek Kang-jin, Kim Sun-hee, and Lee In-soo) maintained the original ruling, which dismissed the prosecution’s appeal and declared innocence at the appeal trial against Kim Dae-hyun on the 23rd.먹튀검증

Kim Dae-hyun was indicted by the prosecution on charges of special assault and coercion against Cho, a junior baseball player, in 2015 when he was a student at Sunrin Internet High School.

Kim Dae-hyun and Lee Young-ha, who are alumni of Sunrin Internet High School, were embroiled in controversy over school violence in 2021 when a post was posted on an online community. The post said they were abused and forced by them, saying they were juniors in the baseball team.

As a broadcaster’s current affairs program interviewed the revelers, their “suspicion of a crime” intensified further. Later, Cho, who said he was a victim in 2022, reported them to the Sports Ethics Center, and prosecutors were indicted along with a police investigation.

Kim Dae-hyun was on military trial because he was serving in the military at the time of the first trial. Cho claimed that he had been assaulted and forced by them during the association’s long-term high school baseball tournament in Busan. However, when Cho claimed the damage, Lee Young-ha and Kim Dae-hyun had been called up to Gunsan for training for the national youth baseball team.

He was acquitted at the first trial, but the prosecution immediately appealed.

The indictment was changed a day earlier than the date of the special assault, but Kim Dae-hyun and Lee Young-ha were also found to have been in Gunsan at the time.

Cho’s testimony became more concrete and changed as the trial continued. Cho claimed that Kim Dae-hyun moved from Gunsan to Busan and ordered Cho to run an errand. The prosecution asked for the details of the card, claiming that Cho “received the card,” but the details of his use in Busan did not come out. Cho reversed his statement, saying, “I received cash.”

The prosecution claimed that Kim Dae-hyun “may have come to Busan” because he used the card at convenience stores in Gunsan Terminal, but the court pointed out that it is practically difficult to go up from Gunsan to Busan and Gunsan again in a day and go to Seoul for the rookie draft the next day.

After a lengthy legal battle, Kim was acquitted. “I feel relaxed. Actually, I had a hard time. I had nowhere to tell, and no matter who I told, I didn’t trust. Many people who dealt with the issue on public television programs believed and convinced Cho more, which made them feel unfair,” Kim said.

As LG has a game against the Hanwha Eagles in Daejeon, Kim Dae-hyun came to Seoul from Daejeon for a while to be sentenced at 2 p.m. As soon as the trial is over, he has to move back to Daejeon. “Last time, I came up from Changwon,” Kim said. “Actually, I had a hard time being labeled as a student, rather than going back and forth like this. The last time I played a game in Gwangju, they said ‘fighting to a student.’ I could get criticized baseball for not being good at baseball, but whenever I was bad at it, he talked about his family again. Whenever I searched for me, I felt like I was following him like a tag because the word ‘crime’ was connected.”

After a long legal battle, I can now fully concentrate on baseball. Kim Dae-hyun said, “It’s not because of this, but because of course you have to do well in baseball. I have to show good performances to those who support and trust me. I will work harder and work hard so that I can do well.”

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