‘Female national team selection’ D-16, players’ preparations are different

 D-16. There are less than three weeks left for the women’s baseball national team selection game, which will be held this year’s national competition.

Unlike men’s baseball, women’s baseball selects representative players through selection matches. Rather than doing well on a regular basis, you need to be in good condition and lucky on the day of the selection.

Women’s baseball players without a professional team have different teams, jobs, and infrastructure, so they have different preparation methods.

High school student A is in private training under a coach who is a former professional baseball player. She struggles with her studies and sports, but she can’t miss this chance to compete. This is because it is an international competition that will return after 5 years due to the COVID-19 pandemic (global pandemic).

B, who is working and exercising at the same time, is choosing and focusing. B said, “In the past, winter training was focused on technical training, but now I am focusing on building stamina that can handle the national team training.” She continued, “I do crossfit after work every day. She is absolutely lacking in exercise, but since she has to go to a part-time job after work, she is barely making time to do physical exercise.”

College student C is training at his alma mater, middle school. He had a systematic training with male students belonging to the baseball team and smiled broadly, saying, “It helped me a lot.” “I was fortunate enough to be allowed to train at my alma mater, so I trained in an environment that is difficult for other female baseball players to experience,” she said. He said, “I practiced a lot for actual experience such as long toss, PFP, and bullpen pitching, and while training with middle school juniors, I was able to seek advice as a pitcher or pitching with junior catchers. I am satisfied that I have built up my body well during the off-season.”

D, who is now in high school, is practicing under the detailed coaching of the leader in the junior baseball team where he played until middle school. D said, “Because batting seems to be lacking, I am focusing on batting training. He trains on the same schedule in the same environment as the male students, so it’s good that he can train with high intensity. He is helping a lot,” he said. 먹튀검증

College student E said, “I am more concerned about maintaining my physical strength than usual. He increased the intensity of his workouts. However, he is not throwing too many balls.” University student F also said, “From December to January, I was building my body with basic physical strength and weights, and from February, I plan to do rotational exercise, agility, and technical exercise.”

All six of them, from A to F, have experience in being selected for the national team. For them, this year’s contest is different. One player said, “If you look around, there are many female players who will participate in the selection this time. It’s been a long time since the national competition is held. Competition for the representative position will be fiercer than in previous years,” he hinted.

Meanwhile, the 2023 Women’s Baseball National Team Selection Tournament will be held for two days on the 18th and 19th. Under the direction of head coach Yang Sang-moon, coaches Jeong Geun-woo, Lee Dong-hyeon, Jeong Yong-un and trainer Bang Soon-sil closely observe the players and select a standing army before selecting the final 20 players. It is held on the second side of the Hwaseong Dream Park Stadium located in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, and all the public interested in baseball can watch.

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