Even the chefs of the Korean luxury hotel were called… LOTTE’s sincerity, the athletes are also a flower of laughter

 Lotte players laughed at the ‘special dinner’ of the hotel chefs who flew in from Korea.

On the 18th (Korean time), the Lotte Giants team dinner was held at the outdoor swimming pool of the Lotte Hotel Guam. On this day, about 90 people, including the players and coaching staff, as well as the front desk, attended.

After finishing the first spring camp schedule in Guam, the Lotte team had a great time enjoying dinner together and playing games in the fielding and pitching groups.

Lotte directly dispatched chefs from the Lotte Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul for the athletes who suffered during the first spring camp, and led the team’s high satisfaction with a ‘special dinner’ such as T-bone steak and lobster.

Afterwards, Lotte, which played a game in which the players participated, played group cooperative games such as Talk with your body, Guess the cheering song, and Speed ​​quiz, and the team of beasts won with a final score of 3-1. Ahn Chi-hong, the head of the Beast Team, won a prize of 1,000 dollars. 스포츠토토

Park Hyeon-woo, head of Lotte’s operating department, said, “Lotte Giants players stay at the best hotel, Lotte Hotel Guam, and are able to go to the ground in perfect conditions created through healthy and beautiful food. I will send it to you,” he thanked the staff at Lotte Hotel Guam, who provided the best lodging and lodging.

Choi Young, General Manager of Lotte Hotel Guam, said, “The head chef and staff did their best to prepare delicious meals to provide memorable meals to the Giants players who worked hard during training. Congratulations on the successful completion of all training in Guam. I hope you will have a hot year to advance to the playoffs in 2023 and win the championship with good energy.”

Lotte coach Larry Sutton also said, “I would like to thank the Lotte Group and Lotte Hotel Guam for helping us run the camp. Without this help, the 2023 season could not have started so well,” he said. “How strong can the team become? When I think about it, the most important thing is teamwork. There are times when individuals and the team themselves face limitations. I hope everyone thinks of the word teamwork at that time.”

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