“Eelbow rehabilitation is over. Training begins.” Lotte’s trade myth begins again. Should the 34-year-old win the championship come back

Park Si-young (34), who was traded from Lotte Giants to KT Wiz and wrote a success story, will play again after shaking off his injury.

According to sources from KT Wiz, Park has reportedly resumed training after completing rehabilitation at the end of the 2023 season. Park had final training sessions with secondary league players in Iksan after the end of the season, and recently went to work at Suwon KT Wiz Park to conduct individual training sessions. Park, who missed the entire 2023 season due to injury, seems to be engaged in training enthusiastically in preparation for the spring camp in February next year.월카지노

Park Si-young, who joined Lotte in 2008 as the 31st in the second round of the fourth round of the rookie draft, is a pitcher with a high potential. He failed to fulfill his potential for more than 10 years when he was with Lotte, and traded to KT in December 2020 with a disappointing 6 wins, 8 losses and 11 holds ERA in 191 games. At the time of the trade, more attention was paid to the new base he moved with than Park.

Park met with “pitcher trainer” Lee Kang-chul and was reborn as a winning team. After learning the atmosphere of a new nest with one win and an ERA of 2.57 in seven games in May 2021, Park contributed to the team’s dramatic No. 1 ranking in the first regular season in the second half of 32 games with two wins, three losses and an ERA of 3.21.

Park Si-young also took the mound once in the Korean Series, which he could not have dreamed of during his Lotte days, harvesting a scoreless hold in ⅔ innings and proudly winning his first winning ring. It was the moment when he was reborn as a winning team for the unified team, which was familiar with the titles of prospects, five starters, losing group and chasing group.

Park was placed in the 2022 must-win group along with Sovereignty and Kim Jae-yoon, but was put on the operating table after injuring ligament and bone in his right elbow while pitching against KIA on May 12. Park finished the season early with two losses and five-hold ERA of 4.60 left in 17 games.

Park’s initial expected return was in August. At that time, coach Lee Kang-chul dreamed of becoming a bullpen king with Park Si-young added to Son Dong-hyun, Park Young-hyun and Kim Jae-yoon, and envisioned a plan to fill the void with Park Si-young when Park was called to the Hangzhou Asian Games in late September. However, as rehabilitation has been slower than Aesang, KT ended up playing the regular season and the Korean Series without Park Si-young.

KT’s back door power is inevitable as its undisputed closer Kim Jae-yoon moves to Samsung as a FA. Park Young-hyun, dubbed the “second Oh Seung-hwan,” can fill the gap, but due to Park Young-hyun’s move, a new face is needed to take responsibility for the seventh and eighth innings.

If experienced Park Si-young joins Son Dong-hyun and Lee Sang-dong, the top hit products of the 2023 season, they can upgrade their power again. KT’s bullpen’s best scenario is to join Sovereignty, who is negotiating FA, and Kim Min-soo, who underwent ankle surgery.

The problem is Park Si-young’s sense of reality, who left the mound of the first team after the match against Kiwoom on October 29, 2021. Since he spent the whole season due to surgery and rehabilitation, he will need a little time to adapt, no matter how good his physical condition is.

Expectations are already high for Park Si-young’s pitch, who goes back to the mound of the first team after spring camp and protects the back door.

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