Durant, OKC Three Musketeers failed Brooklyn ‘déjà vu’… Still, the GSW days were good

Kevin Durant was aiming for the top of the NBA with Russell Westbrook and James Harden when he was with the Oklahoma City (OKC) Thunder.

He made it to the finals in 2012 and won the championship ring. However, LeBron James lost to Miami.

They promised to win the championship next season.

However, Harden flew to the Houston Rockets. This is because OKC could not catch Harden due to financial problems. 메이저놀이터

With Harden gone, Durant knew he wasn’t going to win OKC.

He left for the Golden State Warriors for a championship ring.

There, Durant won twice.

Westbrook also left OKC. OKC then went into a boring rebuild mode.

Durant left for the Brooklyn Nets when his contract at Golden State expired. There he was to win with Kyrie Irving. Even Harden joined here.

Brooklyn’s victory was a foregone conclusion.

However, they only played 16 games on the court together. Irving was to blame.

As a result, Harden was disappointed and left for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Even Irving went to Darus Mavericks. Durant will also wear a Phoenix Suns uniform.

Meanwhile, Durant was determined to say that Phoenix had finally solved the championship puzzle.

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