Doosan, which is doing well, also cares about managing ‘Mound Jewel’…”I need to save up my energy”

I’m paying a lot of attention to keeping my jewelry-like friends in good condition.”

The Doosan Bears, led by head coach Lee Seung-yeop, ranked first in the monthly winning percentage with 16 wins, eight losses and two draws during May of the 2024 season. The ranking, which had been in sixth place with 16 wins and 17 losses until April, rose to third place, paving the way for them to jump into the race for the lead.스포츠토토

Doosan continued its upward trend in June. In particular, it swept the NC Dinos in Changwon from the 4th to the 6th, and overpowered the KIA Tigers in Jamsil from the 7th to the 8th, securing its second consecutive winning series with five consecutive wins.

Doosan is very satisfied with its report card of 5 wins and 1 loss in the first week of June, although it ended its five-game winning streak by losing to KIA on the 9th. It is only 0.5 games behind second-ranked KIA and 1.5 games against first-ranked LG Twins, so it is expected to continue its fierce battle for the lead until the All-Star break early next month.

Ahead of the match against KIA on the 9th, manager Lee Seung-yeop said, “Young players, including Lee Yoo-chan, are doing well on the fielders side. Cho Soo-haeng is also playing so well in the lower lineup,” expressing satisfaction, “In particular, pitchers are throwing really hard.”

However, manager Lee Seung-yeop has been agonizing over the management of the mound, especially the bullpen. Choi Ji-gang, Lee Byung-hun, and Kim Taek-yeon have been struggling to manage the physical strength of the three pitchers since the opening of the regular season on March 23.

Lee Byung-hun is one of the left-handed bullpens in the league with an earned run average of 2.70, five wins, no losses, and five holds in 35 games and 33 ⅓ innings. This year marks the third year of his career, and his growth is clear.

Choi Ji-gang is a hit product for Doosan’s mound this year. He has displayed better-than-expected pitching with two wins and no losses in 31 innings, 11 holds, and an earned run average of 2.32. Doosan was able to overcome the crisis amid the discovery of Choi Ji-gang, even though setup man Jung Cheol-won remained in the second division throughout May due to poor ball power.

Super rookie Kim Taek-yeon also stepped on the professional stage smoothly with an ERA of 3.20 with two wins and no losses, four holds and two saves in 29 ⅔ innings. In the match against KIA on the 8th, he took the mound in a tough save situation and won the ⅔ inning with one hit and one strikeout.

However, Doosan’s bullpen currently relies heavily on Lee Byung-hun, Choi Ji-gang and Kim Taek-yeon. Lee Byung-hun needs management in that he exceeded 27 innings pitched in the first division last year and is the first year of full-time in the first division. It is true that 19-year-old rookie pitcher Kim Taek-yeon needs more careful care.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop also said, “We need to look at the season for a long time. We need to stockpile energy to prepare for the summer and the second half of the year.” “This is the first time that young players including Choi Ji-gang, Lee Byung-hun and Kim Taek-yeon are playing full-time, and they have played too many games. I am very concerned and worried.”

“I’m thinking about how to keep these three players in good condition all year round and I’m going to make sure I throw them like that,” he said. “Choi Ji-gang, Lee Byung-hun, and Kim Taek-yeon are really like jewels in our team, so we’re paying a lot of attention.”

In order for Lee Seung-yeop to effectively manage Choi Ji-gang, Lee Byung-hun and Kim Taek-yeon, he eventually needs the strength of starting pitchers and veteran bullpen agents. The key is whether right-handed fire bowler Lee Young-ha, who has been showing good pace since June, and Jung Chul-won, who returned to the first division on the 4th, can consistently do their part.

Doosan’s batters boast immense capacity by ranking first in batting average (0.280) for the team in the 2024 season, tying for first in homers (71), and second in RBIs (348). If the bullpen is more stable, it can be said that the team has a platform to challenge for the presidency.

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