“Don’t overdo it” Sung Young-hoon’s wish came true…’Management mode’ Kim Taek-yeon won’t compete at the national championships in October

Doosan Bears 2024 first-round pick Kim Taek-yeon will not compete in the national championships in October. Incheon Go made a big decision to take care of the overworked Kim Taek-yeon at the World Youth Baseball Championship in September.

Kim was selected by Doosan with the second overall pick in the first round of the 2024 KBO First-Year Player Draft on September 14.

A Doosan scouting official said, “If you look at Kim’s rotation and vertical movement data, it was in the top tier of most professional pitchers. We’ll have to decide his future position on the field, but I think he’s more of a closer than a starter. It is expected that he can grow in the same style as KT’s Park Young-hyun.”

On the day of the draft, Doosan gave Kim a heartfelt welcome by preparing a special jersey with his name on it.

“As soon as I put on the Doosan jersey for the first time, I felt that it fit me very well, and it felt good to have everyone around me say that. I didn’t expect them to engrave my name on the jersey, but I was touched to receive such a jersey. I’m confident in any position, whether it’s starting or finishing. I will do my best to meet the club’s expectations in the future,” he smiled.

With Kim in his arms, Doosan was anxiously awaiting his participation in the national championships in Jeollanam-do from October 13. Kim had participated in the World Youth Baseball Championship and faced a controversy over his ‘five-game pitching streak’. The pitching schedule was already overwhelming, and if he were to take the mound at the national championships in October, it would be even more overwhelming if he threw a lot of pitches.

Seongnam High pitching coach Sung Young-hoon, a former Doosan first-round pick whose career was marred by endless injuries, also expressed concern about Kim’s performance at the tournament. In the past, Sung has said that his biggest regret is that he pitched in the youth tournament and then the national tournament.

Speaking to MK Sports, Sung said, “Fifteen years ago, I volunteered to go on the mound and throw a lot of balls. At that age, if you’re not too sick, you naturally want to throw on the big stage. I might be fine now, but I wish I had taken better care of myself from now on for the future. For me, throwing the ball from the youth national team to the national championships was devastating. I still have the regret of thinking, ‘What if I hadn’t thrown the ball more at that time,'” she said, reflecting on her unfortunate past.

Coach Sung continued, “I’ve watched her pitch a few times on video, and her delivery looks really good, so I really hope she can throw the ball for a long time and stay healthy, unlike me. If I take care of my body thoroughly from now on, I’ll be fine. If she wears a Doosan uniform, I hope she can give Doosan fans all the joy I couldn’t give them.”

In line with Sung’s wishes, Kim plans to take a break from pitching at the national championships in October. A Doosan official said, “I heard that Incheon has decided to keep Kim Taek-yeon out of the national championship game for management reasons.”

In this “management mode,” Kim will be accompanied by his father on October 7 against Jamsil Lotte. Kim said, “I’m happy to be with my parents. It will be a precious memory that I will never forget.” “I am very grateful to my parents who have been supporting me so far. Now it’s my turn to be filial. I will grow up to be a wonderful son and a wonderful athlete.”스포츠토토

Kim wanted to give his parents the honor of the cigar. However, her parents decided that since it was their son’s honor, they wanted to join him in a sitar instead. Kim Taek-yeon, who has already personally visited Jamsil Stadium once with his fellow nominee, infielder Yeo Dong-gun, to watch Doosan baseball, will make his first official greeting to Doosan fans as the first pitch.

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