“Does it look good to me?” Moon Dong-ju thinks about baseball…

 “Do you think I like it?” (Moon Dong-ju), “If you like me, it’s good. It was good.” (Director Hyuk Son)

Hanwha Moon Dong-ju is no longer a rookie. Celebrating the second year, he prepares to contribute to the Hanwha mound with a more mature appearance. On the 4th (Korean time), Moon Dong-ju threw 17 balls with about 70% power from the bullpen at Bellbank Park in Mesa, Arizona, USA.

Moon Dong-ju recorded an average ERA of 5.65 with 1 win, 3 losses and 2 holds in 13 games last year. He has a fast ball that can easily hit mid-150km and a fairly good physique. However, command and command are homework. If Moon Dong-ju wants to run long as the next Hanwha ace, he must solve this problem somehow.

In that respect, the recent change of Moon Dong-ju is impressive. On this day, while playing catch before pitching in the bullpen, general manager Hyuk Son, who was watching, spoke to the coaches. It turns out that since Moon Dong-joo played catch, his arm swing trajectory was different from his usual.

It turns out that no one told him to, but after much thought, he reduced his arm swing width a bit. In fact, the diagnosis of the coaching staff and general manager Son Hyuk was that even after pitching the bullpen, there was a feeling that the ball was a bit ‘flying’ (the bullets were not formed in the strike zone but spread all over the place).

However, Moon Dong-ju is clearly moving forward little by little. Director Son Hyuk said, “It’s the second year. It is important that I changed it because I thought that way, not because someone told me to.” This change didn’t have a big effect right away, but the attempt itself was given a high score. That’s how Moon Dong-ju is taking off his rookie tee.

The moment Dong-ju Moon left the bullpen, he collided with General Manager Son. He nodded to Captain Sohn and asked, “Do you think I like it?” Then, when General Manager Sohn said, “How do you think?” Dong-ju Moon said, “I think I’m good.”

General Manager Son said, “If you like it, it’s good. It’s not important that I say this or that. It’s important to feel good about you. It was good.” After Moon Dong-ju walked away from general manager Sohn, general manager Son said that he really liked Moon Dong-ju’s first bullpen pitching. 바카라사이트

It is true that Moon Dong-ju, who is in his 2nd year, is a bit different from the usual 2nd year. High expectations from inside and outside the club, fans and media may come to the press, but they must also be overcome. He said that is the fate of a large prospect. The reaction of the general manager, coaching staff, and seniors is that Dong-ju Moon is coping well, which is encouraging.

Pitching coach Carlos Rosado said, “Moon Dong-ju is a smart friend. He tries to get better every day. he is not satisfied He asks a lot of questions and is very curious. Knowing he’s a great player, I’m not surprised by this player’s balls. He wants to give you freedom, and he wants you to continue experiencing. I hope you enjoy the camp, and I will keep an eye on you.”

Jung Woo-ram, the oldest, said, “Dong-joo-na (Kim) Seo-hyeon is the number 1 rookie, and when she receives the spotlight from camp, she is supposed to get stronger, but she tries to overcome that. As a senior, I want to watch her for a year.”

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