Director Kim Sang-sik said, “I’m thinking of breaking consecutive losses against Samsung.”···Why acting coach Kim Hyo-beom did not let Nava play

Jan. 19, 2024, 2023-2024 Jeonggwanjang Professional Basketball Anyang Jeonggwanjang – Seoul Samsung/Anyang Gymnasium. 86-77 victory in Jeonggwanjang.

Director Kim Sang-sik

Q. How do you feel about winning
It was an important game for the team, and although it was regrettable that the team made mistakes early in the fourth quarter, the players did their best until the end. Now that they have broken consecutive losses, it is important to do well. As help defense was not made from the third and fourth quarters, Lee was hit by a three-point shot by Lee Jung-hyun. I asked the players to properly help defense, even if it is difficult. We need to allocate adequate rest time. We will prepare ourselves as there are more regular leagues and EASL (East Asian Super League) left.라바카지노주소

Q. Expectations for Jamil Wilson?
When he comes back, he will check his physical condition through a critical test. Wilson is a swing man, so he will be thinner than Carter. I think he should take the weight of Carter who joined first and use him appropriately.

Q. Carter’s physical strength?
It was really hard when I played eight games in two weeks. I caught a cold. It’s true that I got better during the break. It’s lighter than before, but I need constant management.

Q. The Last of Monroe
It wasn’t “Let’s play for the long road,” but I had an idea to break the losing streak in the game against Samsung.

Acting Director Kim Hyo-beom of Samsung

Q. Overall review of the game
There was a chaotic atmosphere as the players who had a hiatus returned. I should have caught him as a coach, but I’m sorry I couldn’t. I’ll cheer up with Kofi Coburn and Won-seok in the next game.

Q. Lee Wonseok’s foul trouble
Wouldn’t it be a good lesson if Jonghyun Lees matched with each other? While Jonghyun Lees had five fouls, (Lee) has three to four fouls. The key is to overcome physical struggle. When a player loses the flow of a game, the mindset that he will come back is important for a player. As a coach, I will advise him not to panic and try again.

Q. Coburn’s disappointing performance
He had physical difficulties. Coburn took a break from exercise for about two weeks. It is true that he is in a heavy frame and is concerned about the recurrence of his injury. I was embarrassed to see him running on the court and gasping.

Q. Why don’t you use Avan Nava
I had a meeting and said I would use him only when I show good performance in the future, but he showed good performance during practice yesterday. I think he will come back soon.

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