“Did I have a reputation?” Two years of sluggishness → Almost forced transfer… Park Jong-hoon put everything down

“I was shaking profusely. I have a smile on my face. That can’t be the case from the inside.” He is sharpening his sword. This is the story of Park Jong-hoon, 33, a submarine of SSG.

“I’m preparing well for the new season. I lost about 14 kilograms. I want to go back to the good times. I have to put all the puzzles back together. I realized too late. Flexibility is more important than strength,” he said.헤라카지노주소

“(People say) it’s a recovery of honor. I wonder if I have a honor,” he said with a smile. “I’m disappointed in myself. I’m angry. I think I have to play a full season without skipping the rotation. The first thing I do is to digest the rotation.”

Park had only 80 innings, two wins and six losses, and a 6.19 ERA in 18 games last year. In the 2022 season, he has only 48 innings in 11 games, three wins and five losses, and a 6.00 ERA. 2022 is still up for grabs. It was his return season after elbow surgery. It was a problem as he showed sluggish performance until 2023.

In December 2021, he signed a multi-year contract for a total of 6.5 billion won (6.37 million U.S. dollars). Long-term contracts are always a double-edged sword. It is good to do well, but it is a burden to do poorly. Salary caps were also a burden.

As a matter of fact, Park almost left the team “forcibly.” The second draft, which took place in November last year, was excluded from the list of protected players. Consequently, there was no transfer. No team has named Park Jong-hoon.

“When I first heard it, I was like, ‘What is it?'” Park Jong-hoon said. “I thought, ‘Is it real?’. Looking back, I thought I would have done that if I were a club. Players speak in terms of grades. We need to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.”

“It’s a relief that I didn’t go to other teams. If I went, I would have been really depressed. I didn’t think I would take him. I didn’t want to leave either. Instead, I came in covering my face as I left the ballpark,” he said with a smile.

We need a rebound in the 2024 season. I changed my mind. That’s why I lost weight. “I focused on bulk-up for the last three years. It was around 100kg. I valued strength. Then I threw away two years. My mother-in-law showed me a video when she was doing well and said, “Look at your body at this time.”

“It’s been a while now, but it’s been hard for two years. I thought, ‘Why can’t I do it when I’m working so hard?’ I thought, ‘I should do more.’ I didn’t spend time with my family and continued working out on Mondays. Not now. I also spend time with my family. I lost weight. I feel comfortable both in my body and mind,” he added.

Park Jong-hoon will fly to the U.S. with Ha Jae-hoon on May 10. He will train at Choo Shin-soo’s house in Texas. It is the second consecutive year since last year.

“I can’t wait to throw the ball in a warm place. When I went to Shin-soo’s house last year, I thought the preparation went really well. The environment was really good. Some things I didn’t use properly. My brother prepares everything for me. I will train in the U.S. and go to Florida, where I am going to camp.”

In addition, he said, “There has been no season where I haven’t played baseball like this. There could be a lower level. I think this is the bottom. I believe I will do well. I couldn’t believe it even if I practiced before. Now I will believe what I practiced.”

Park Jong-hoon should be in charge of the starting lineup. That way, SSG becomes stronger. The more starters there are, the better. The 2023 season left SSG with regret. If Park Jong-hoon is revived, he can aim for the top again.

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