‘Defense Fairy’ Kim Yeon-kyung ‥ Heungkuk Life Insurance is chasing the leader

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Professional volleyball women’s Heungkuk Life Insurance beat Korea Expressway Corporation and chased leader Hyundai E&C with a 3-point margin.

Heungkuk Life Insurance ace Kim Yeon-kyung shone more in defense than offense.

This is reporter Lee Myung-no.

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Heungkuk Life Insurance, which is still an acting manager.

Concentration shone at every critical moment.

In the first set, 23 vs. 23, Kim Yeon-kyung came out as a solver, and even Kim Mi-yeon’s last attack succeeded and took the lead.

In the second set, Kim Yeon-kyung’s defense shone.

Kim Yeon-kyung was blown away and Yelena scored a pattern.

Yelena gritted her teeth when faced with a deuce situation due to her own mistakes, and scored in a row to bring her to the second set.

In the 3rd set, Kim Yeon-kyung’s feat-like defense shone.

After hitting her body to catch the ball, I caught the ball again while lying down and scored my goal.

Yelena scored 20 points, captain Kim Mi-yeon 17 points, and Kim Yeon-kyung 14 points, and Heungkuk Life Insurance, who took it to the 3rd set, recorded a 4-game victory over the road construction. 스포츠토토

Heungkuk Life Insurance, who won two consecutive wins, pursued the leading Hyundai E&C with a three-point margin.

[Kim Mi-yeon/Heungkuk Life Insurance]
“At the beginning, when it was a bit difficult, I tried to calm the atmosphere. Not only me, but also Yeon-kyung, Haeran, and Nahee, so I play the middle role along with the older sisters.”

When KB Insurance setter Hwang Taek-eui accurately attacks the corner of the court with a surprise attack, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Shin Shin-ho responds in the same way.

In the game, KB Insurance, with Viyena, who scored 38 points in the season’s first triple crown, drove the lowest-ranking Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance to a 4-game losing streak.

This is MBC News Lee Myung-no.

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