“DB Legend” Yun Ho-young, why were you on the bench at Sungkyunkwan University?

“I’m treating the players as a coach. It’s new and fun (laughs).”

Sungkyunkwan University has recorded seven wins and seven losses in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League regular season. It advanced to the playoffs in sixth place. After defeating Chung-Ang University 73-61 in the quarterfinals, it lost to Yonsei University 74-78 in the semifinals.

Key players were Park Jong-ha (187 cm, G), Min Gi-nam (174 cm, G), and Jeong Bae-kwon (186 cm, G/F). However, all three players advanced to pro league. (Park Jong-ha and Min Gi-nam: Goyang Sono, Chung Bae-kwon: Busan KCC) All of them were players who were in charge of the outskirts. This could weaken Sungkyunkwan University’s ability.

That’s why this winter is important for Sungkyunkwan University. This is because it is time to fill the gap in the main resources and lay the foundation for the 2024 season.

For that reason, Sungkyunkwan University’s January-February schedule is tight. He sweated in Gangneung from the 2nd to 11th, and has a training camp in Busan from the 11th to 13th. And from February 5th to 19th, he will check his organization in Kumamoto, Japan.

Sungkyunkwan University, which is engaged in winter off-season training, had a practice match against Dong-A High School at the Dong-A High School Gymnasium on Wednesday. At that time, a familiar figure was sitting on the bench at Sungkyunkwan University. It was Yoon Ho-young, who retired after the end of the 2022-2023 season.

Yoon Ho-young was a one-club player who only played in Wonju DB from the 2008-2009 season. He won the regular league MVP award in the 2011-2012 season. He was an all-around player who had diverse talents, including wide field of defense, athletic ability, and attack assembling.

Those who showed outstanding skills when they were active are teaching college students. They are not attending their alma mater (Jungang University), but watching juniors from other schools.

“It’s just a short time because of the training,” said Kim Sang-joon, the head coach of Sungkyunkwan University. “However, I had a lot of experience in the professional league and met many leaders along the way. Such experiences will come positively to the students,” he said, conveying the reason and meaning of joining Yoon Ho-young.마카오토토도메인

Koo Min-kyo (197cm, F/C), who had a one-point lesson from Yoon Ho-young, said, “He was an incredible person who received MVP. Such a person comes to me first and teaches me in detail. Above all, the coach points out what I was curious about right away. That’s why the coach’s guidance comes more sincerely,” he said, explaining what he is learning from Coach Yoon Ho-young.

Meanwhile, Yun Ho-young is watching college basketball for the first time since he was in Chung-Ang University. It’s been so long, it can be awkward for Yun Ho-young to watch college players. Above all, Yun Ho-young’s awkwardness can be even greater as he is the first leader.

“As a player, I look at my coaches and coaches, and I treat them as a coach. That’s why it’s so fun and new,” Yoon Ho-young said, expressing her feelings as a leader.

Then, he said, “I felt the difference between professional and amateur players. As they are young players, they do not 100% feel ‘Is this training effective?’ Because professional players know it by their bodies, but amateur players do not yet. However, there are many friends who want to try after hearing that ‘this training is necessary here,'” he said, starting with the difference between professional and amateur players.

After that, he said, “I’m learning how the coach and coach treat the players right next to me. I also feel a lot of the way I communicate with the players,” adding that he is learning from the coaching staff of Sungkyunkwan University.

He continued, “Rather than leading the players in a rigid atmosphere like before, I try to treat them brightly and cheerfully. At the same time, we need to instill spontaneity and motivate the players,” revealing the way forward.

Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to Coach Kim Sang-joon for giving me an opportunity. First of all, I will have a good time with my players during the winter training. I plan to make future plans step by step,” he said. Even after the interview, he showed his sincere smile to the players.

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