‘Daejeon model student’ Lee Jin-hyeon “Daejeon is not a boring city”

The hottest team in the professional football K League 1 this season is the promotion team match.

Daejeon, with Min Seong-pyo’s ‘Dakgong Soccer’ at the forefront, defeated both Ulsan and Jeonbuk and climbed to third place, continuing the blast of the promoted team.

At the center of Daejeon’s offensive soccer is left-footed specialist Lee Jin-hyun. Boasting his left-footed kicking ability that has reached its peak this season, he is almost leading the Daejeon attack with 3 goals and 4 assists, including a fantastic corner kick goal against Jeonbuk.

He emerged as a promising player in the Korean soccer midfield with his outstanding performance in the 2017 World Cup under the age of 20 in Korea and the gold medal at the Asian Games in Jakarta in 2018, but Lee Jin-hyun’s growth was slower than expected.

Lee Jin-hyun, who had hardly settled down in Pohang and Daegu, eventually headed to Daejeon in the second division, desperately waiting for the moment of resurrection.

And in 2023, Lee Jin-hyun is again splendidly announcing the three letters of his name on his soccer board.

Lee Jin-hyun, who once again stood in the center of the spotlight after 5-6 years, but Lee Jin-hyun spoke of ‘humility’ throughout the interview.

“I think I’ve grown dramatically since the second half of last year. I’m both burdened and grateful for the public’s interest right now.

From a promising player in Korean soccer to a second division player. Lee Jin-hyun, who went through ups and downs, said that he realized that his popularity and interest are fleeting things that can disappear in an instant.

“2017, 2018…it was great at that time. Since I was young, I didn’t know that I had to be more humble when good situations came, and I just acted like a child. But now that I’m getting older (Lee Jin-hyun is 27 years old this year) ) I am definitely grateful for the interest around me, but I believe that I can rise to a higher position only when I focus more on my work and exercise in a way that improves my performance. I promise myself every moment that I will always be humble.”

While coach Klinsman of the national soccer team also visited the stadium and watched Lee Jin-hyun’s great performance, Lee Jin-hyun revealed that his mindset about the Taegeuk mark had changed.

“In the past, I vaguely thought that I wanted to go to the national team. But now, I think it’s right to go to the national team when I’m ready. If I get picked for an A-match in June?) I think I’ll be deeply moved. But I just have to enjoy that moment and come back to my senses.”안전놀이터

Born in Pohang and raised in Pohang, Lee Jin-hyeon, a Pohang guy, has already become a Daejeon man after 3 years of joining Daejeon.

When asked whether he likes ‘mulhoe’ or ‘bread’, he answers by saying that he does not eat seafood at all.

Regarding the prejudice that Daejeon is a boring city, Lee Jin-hyun strongly drew a line.

“Daejeon is a great city to live in. The city atmosphere is lively and the location is great. These days, there is a soccer boom in Daejeon. I heard that even Hanwha fans are looking for a soccer field. I think soccer makes Daejeon a more fun place. I’ve been living here for three years now, and Daejeon isn’t a boring city at all.”

Jinhyun Lee concluded the interview with a model student-like speech, vowing to become a more flashy player than anyone else on the playground and a model person more than anyone else outside.

“I think that good or bad things pass by. The more I do, the more I felt that I had to find the middle ground and remain calm. To stand out, I think it is only necessary to stand out inside the stadium, and I think it is the athlete’s duty to be sincere and hardworking outside.”

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